When it comes to branded content, attitude matters
You may not be losing sleep over the creation of branded content but, as you’re reading this on the DMEXCO site it is likely that your job is linked to marketing campaigns and brand behaviour.
Oracle in an interview with DMEXCO
This year’s DMEXCO will see software and hardware manufacturer Oracle participating again. In this interview, Daniel Renggli – Director CX Field Marketing North & Midmarket EMEA – reveals what new features the company will be introducing at DMEXCO @home.
Participant statements: great expectations for DMEXCO @home
The excitement is growing! In a few days, DMEXCO @home will finally be opening its virtual doors. What is the community expecting from the digital DMEXCO and what is on the participants’ agenda? We have collected a few statements.
Intriguing master classes at DMEXCO @home
DMEXCO @home is just around the corner – and we’re going to tell you a bit more about some of the innovative conference formats that await you. Here, you can read about the master classes and sessions that WallDecaux, Adform, LoyJoy, Oracle, and Smartly.io have planned. These and all other sessions can also be found in the full version of the Conference Agenda.
pilot CEO Uli Kramer in an interview with DMEXCO
Guided by the motto “From here into the future”, pilot designs communication for brands. In this interview, Uli Kramer, Managing Director of pilot, talks about the company’s exhibition concept at DMEXCO @home.
Shopware talks about its presence at DMEXCO @home
E-commerce enthusiast Shopware will be exhibiting a fresh SaaS solution at DMEXCO @home – Stefan Zessel, Director of Sales at Shopware, tells us more about it.
DMEXCO @home for Visitors
Starting on September 14, you’ll be able to log into the DMEXCO @home platform with your visitor ticket. Our free guide shows you what functions and features await you and how to reach your personal expo goals.
Doing business sustainably: 3 questions to futurologist Eike Wenzel
Doing business more sustainably is one of the main challenges for the digital industry. We asked Eike Wenzel, a renowned German futurologist, some questions regarding this interesting issue.
3 questions to Dorothee Bär: resilience through digitalization
How can companies in the digital industry show a clear attitude and better prepare for future crises? Dorothee Bär, Minister of State for Digitalization at the German Federal Chancellery, shares her thoughts on these questions.
Experience these first master classes at DMEXCO @home
The start of DMEXCO @home is drawing closer and, in the coming weeks, we’ll be giving you a sneak preview of our exciting conference formats. Today, we’re kicking things off with the first master classes – with AB Tasty GmbH, MGID.Inc, Talkwalker GmbH, novomind AG, Dynata, Adform, and Oracle. More coming soon in the conference program!
3 questions to Claudia Hartwich, Microsoft Germany: The future of work
How can digital working be implemented successfully in the future? To discuss this challenge, we interviewed Claudia Hartwich, HR Director and member of the Management Board at Microsoft Germany.
Whitepaper: 7 tips on how to optimize your internal communication
At many companies, internal communication is not given enough attention. However, that is the wrong approach. In our whitepaper, you will learn how to optimize the communication within your company in 7 steps.
It’s all about networking! Here’s how to digitally network at DMEXCO @home
Exhibiting and networking belong together like digital and marketing. The DMEXCO @home platform is revolutionizing digital networking in 2020. Check out the exciting features that await you!
Mapp in interview with DMEXCO
“Empower marketers and brands to break out from the pack” – that is Mapp’s mission. In this interview, Michael Diestelberg reveals how Mapp wants to put this message into practice as an exhibitor at DMEXCO @home and what the company is expecting from the digital expo:
DMEXCO report: how the digital economy is showing a clear attitude
What role does attitude play in the digital economy? Can a company’s attitude be compatible with its economic goals? And what are the major challenges being faced by the industry? Our new DMEXCO report gives you answers to these questions.
Pinterest as a marketing channel: is the network being wrongly neglected?
Social network and search engine for visual content: Pinterest mainly stands for inspiration, DIY, and recipes. Despite its versatility though, Pinterest is often not given enough attention in the social media strategy of companies.
Infographic: 5 measures for extending the product lifecycle
If you want to establish your product in the highly competitive digital market, you need to be able to forecast the product lifecycle and pull the right levers at the right time in order to control it.
10 valuable tips for your digital DMEXCO expo presence 2020
Purely digital and decentralized – DMEXCO 2020 will be DMEXCO @home and will embrace focused networking and intensive interaction with the global community. In our 10 tips, we reveal what you need to consider as an exhibitor at DMEXCO @home!
Your successful digital visit to the DMEXCO @home expo
Even a purely digital expo visit should be carefully planned. DMEXCO @home offers you the best possibilities for preparation so that you can dive into two eventful days at full power starting at 10 a.m. on September 23!