Corporate language guide – for an unmistakable corporate voice

If you want customers to be impressed by your brand, the key to success is corporate language. That’s because a strong corporate voice can give your image a boost. Learn more in our free downloadable!

Corporate language – for brands that want to stand out.
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What is corporate language?

If you want to set your brand apart from the competition, you need more than just a portfolio of top-class products or services. To stay in the minds of potential customers and attract genuine interest, a strong brand presence is absolutely essential. That is where corporate language comes into play: carefully thought-out wording can give your brand a USP and is thus a valuable tool for capturing your target group’s attention.

If you want to develop a unique verbal identity for your company, you should pay particular attention to the following aspects:

  • Style
  • Choice of words
  • Tone
  • Writing culture
  • Manner of address

Our free guide explains exactly how to optimally create your brand’s new corporate voice.

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Many people use the term “corporate language” as a synonym for Corporate Wording®, which Hans-Peter Förster patented as a word mark in 1994. In his reference work of the same name, Förster examines how distinctive wording can become a USP. He links the concept of Corporate Wording® with the idea of different linguistic climates.

How corporate language boosts your company

Corporate language offers brands a vast array of advantages. First off, a powerful corporate language breathes life into the corporate identity. Furthermore, language is the central medium when it comes to credibility and trust. Brands are generally perceived as more approachable when they don’t shy away from conveying their corporate identity to the outside world on a linguistic level as well, since this makes them seem genuine and is often much more exciting than content written in dull officialese, for example.

By prioritizing an authentic and approachable brand presence, you can further amplify the impact of your corporate language by incorporating additional marketing strategies, such as cause-related marketing or sustainability marketing.

Developing a corporate language concept for long-term gains

If your brand is intending to linguistically convey its values on a more extensive and deeper level, you should develop a corporate language concept containing key rules. The concept should then be made available to all employees – especially those on the editorial team. After all, a corporate language concept saves time and effort for those who produce a lot of content.

A good corporate language concept comprises

  • the definition of a writing style that reflects the corporate philosophy,
  • clear instructions on how to implement that writing style, and
  • terminology that encapsulates the essence of the brand.

If you want to go even further, you can create a list of “love words” to complement your concept. When you define individual terms that accurately describe the corporate identity and brand philosophy, the relevant content creators can deliberately accentuate the words. As a result, your target group will also immediately associate those terms with your brand.

Powerful communication – your corporate language guide to download

In our free guide on corporate language, we walk you through the dos and don’ts for creating a distinct corporate voice. Not only do we explore some best practices, but we also give you helpful step-by-step instructions for developing your corporate language concept as well as 10 valuable writing tips to make your communication even more powerful!

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