Guide: how to google like a pro
Google is a powerful search tool, but many of us don’t tap into its full potential. Search operators are the secret to how to google right. Jens Fauldrath from get:traction and Seokratie’s Julian Dziki share some practical tips.
In-game advertising: how it drives brands forward
Games are no longer an enigma to advertisers. But when is it worthwhile for brands to bring in-game advertising into play? We interviewed Yves Bollinger (DDB / FTW Germany). Read here what potential he thinks it offers for marketers.
3 days ago
Jeremy Connell-Waite, IBM, discusses storytelling and purpose-driven brands
Sustainability and corporate responsibility have become important core topics in corporate communication. Storytelling is the right path to a successful marketing strategy.
Seamless customer experience with a digital experience platform
Digital experience platform (DXP) – this new term is finding favour among marketers. DXP is on everyone's lips, especially when it comes to optimising the customer experience. But what makes a DXP? And why should companies use one?
Customer data platform (CDP): Here’s what it’s all about
Companies are grappling to harness the rising tide of data while also working to meet the expectation of personalization across the customer journey. Yet, without a single view of the customer, organizations can’t gather insights and make meaningful customer connections in the moments that truly matter.
Guide: Finding powerful images for your corporate blog
One image is worth more than a thousand words – but only if you use really good images. Our guide explains how to find stand-out background images, select the right ones, and avoid common pitfalls.
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