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2 days ago
Successful advertising-financed journalism at the BBC
Jim Egan from BBC Global News about journalism, trends and opportunities.
3 days ago
Social media and B2B – it works after all!
Social media works well even with B2B content – if you’re aware of the strengths of your own brand and rely on brand awareness.
Listen better: Making new decisions with listening
Hear what the customer has to say: Companies are gaining valuable insights into their target groups’ sensitivities with the help of social listening.
B2B lead management: How prospects become buyers
Content can be used to attract not only prospects but also buyers
How to easily design social graphics
A picture says more than a thousand words—and can easily be distributed on social media as snackable and sharable content.
Social media ideation: Using a single topic to create as many pieces of content as possible
Who wouldn't want to generate as much attention and reach as possible for their own content on social media? Our tips for brainstorming, creation and distribution can help you get one step closer to achieving this goal. Want to bet?
“Focus instead of scatter”
Helge Ruff has been focusing on social media for eight years now. His special agency One Two Social serves clients including KFC, Süddeutsche Zeitung, MAN and Oddset. We spoke with him about the present and future of social networks.
What influencers and companies are allowed to do
Media attorney Christian Solmecke explains what companies have to pay attention to in their social media presence and which issues are still not clearly regulated.
Using Instagram stickers correctly
They increase reach and boost interaction. Instagram stickers in the stories offer great potential and bring companies and users closer together.
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