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3 days ago
When text automation really pays off in e-commerce
They quickly compose high-quality texts in multiple languages: text robots make life easier for online shop operators, especially when it comes to creating content.
AI made in Germany is better than its reputation
Okay, it has to be said: it could be more invested in AI in Germany, policies could be more supportive, and China and the US are ahead. Nevertheless, the German AI discourse tends to be dramatic, comparing European apples with Chinese pears
Finding and retaining IT professionals
Hardly any other professionals are as in demand as developers. Sean Bave of Stack Overflow explains how to find the right IT professionals for your startup.
At eye level with the global players
Seven reasons why your start-up should be part of the DMEXCO.
New ways of working and togetherness
In the search for a work culture that best supports employees, agencies are discovering new ways of working. Hierarchies are not wrong in themselves — they just have to be rethought.
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