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Charting the rise of the ‘brandless’ brand
With the very foundations of a brand designed to ensure consumer protection and signify reliability and quality, will brandless organisations ever have the power to change the concept of brand-building altogether?
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Using Customer Intelligence to get the most out of customer data : “We never stay in a state of shock.”
Der Bocholter Fahrradhändler Rose Bikes beobachtet seit 112 Jahren, wie Kunden einkaufen. Mit einer eigenen Customer-Intelligence-Abteilung soll dieser Datenschatz systematisch erschlossen werden, um dem Kunden ein noch besseres Einkaufserlebnis bieten zu können. Wie sich der Mittelständler dem Thema nähert, erzählt Sebastian Bomm, Director User Experience und Customer Intelligence bei Rose Bikes.
Data to me! – how brands can emancipate themselves with regard to data technology
Brands today can no longer afford to manage their valuable customer data via Google, Facebook or Amazon. Only those who aggregate and manage their own data can address buyers without detours. Tight-knit customer loyalty can only work in direct contact.
Optimizing local company data on Google and other search engines
The goal of location marketing services is for internet users to find company data in an optimal format in local searches on Google and other websites. You can boost your reputation using smart databases.
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Alexander Präkelt from Google speaks about YouTube in brand communication
YouTube reaches 45 million adults a month in Germany. How can brands benefit?
The end of the cookie world as we know it
A recent European Court of Justice ruling and a technical change in the browser world have dealt a severe blow to the advertising industry - and probably also made it clear to the latter that alternatives must be sought.
#DMEXCO19: facts, figures & pictures
"Trust in You." This year's DMEXCO took place on 12 and 13 September in Cologne under this slogan. International decision-makers from digital business, marketing and innovation came together at Koelnmesse to discuss the central role of trust between companies and users.
How to achieve successful advertising in podcasts
Podcasts have made a much-publicized comeback in recent months. The media format just plodded along and was considered a niche format for many years. This has now changed. Podcasts have therefore also aroused the interest of marketers and advertisers. And quite rightly so.
Automation technology: how companies can harmonize marketing and sales
The toolkit used by marketers and sales professionals is full to bursting. More and more channels have to be filled with content, while new tools and changing customer requirements are increasing the effort required and the complexity of everyday work. Smart all-in-one software solutions that automate processes and standardize them across department boundaries can help integrate marketing and sales, and therefore make better use of potentials.
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