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DMEXCO podcast with Maike Abel: rethinking marketing management
Managing 47 brands and 500 marketing campaigns at the same time – is that even possible? You bet! In the latest DMEXCO podcast episode, Maike Abel from Nestlé reveals more. So, put on your headphones and tune in! This podcast episode is in German.
DMEXCO podcast: Toan Nguyen explores gamification as a marketing booster
Verena talks to Toan Nguyen, Founder of Jung von Matt NERD, about why it’s essential for brands to incorporate gamification into their marketing strategy. This podcast episode is in German.
DMEXCO podcast: Susanne Harring talks about customization and D2C at De’Longhi
Susanne Harring, Managing Director of De’Longhi Germany and Austria, chats with Verena about customization trends, D2C sales, and Brad Pitt. This podcast episode is in German.
DMEXCO podcast: Anticipation for the event is building
Anticipation for DMEXCO 2023 is building; not just in our team, but among the speakers as well.
DMEXCO podcast: Web3 & brands – a struggle?
Diego Borgo and Brent Annells discuss the impact of Web3 on brands as well as current developments in Web3.
DMEXCO podcast: AI & advertising – how tech is revolutionizing the agency world
AI & advertising – artificial intelligence is currently shaking up the agency world. But in what ways exactly? In the latest DMEXCO podcast episode, we spoke to four key players on the agency scene: Jens Christian Jensen, Kristian Meinken, Hans Piechatzek and Annabelle Jenisch.
DMEXCO podcast with Ellie Bamford: How the media world is becoming a positive one
We welcome Ellie Bamford as a guest on the DMEXCO podcast. The media expert talks to our podcast host Alex Wunschel about the social transformation that brands and media are currently undergoing.
DMEXCO podcast: artificial intelligence & morality – are the two compatible?
In September, we met Professor Toby Walsh at DMEXCO 2022 in Cologne. On the Red Stage, he gave one of the event’s most interesting presentations – despite it not having a marketing focus. He asked: “What happens when machines behave badly?”
What is ad fraud and how can companies defend themselves? Grant Simmons provides valuable insights.
Ad fraud is when online ads are deliberately wrongly displayed. In our podcast, we spoke to Grant Simmons, VP of Kochava Foundry, about the problem. Listen now!
Looking back at DMEXCO 2022 in our podcast – and on video!
DMEXCO 2022 was an absolute hit! In our latest podcast episode, host Alex Wunschel reviews this year’s event and talks to prominent guests about their impressions of the expo. Listen now and hear all about it! Note: This podcast is partially only in German.