Instant messaging with a focus on AR: Götz Trillhaas on the status quo and future of Snapchat
How is Snapchat currently doing and what does the instant messaging service have planned with regard to augmented reality? Götz Trillhaas, Managing Director at Snap, reveals all to Alex Wunschel.
News in bite-size format – Chris Davies, BBC, on the new news format on Quibi
Quibi stands for Quick Bite Content. “Bite-size” mobile consumption of content poses new challenges for news formats as well, as Chris Davies, BBC, explains in an interview with Alex Wunschel.
Show attitude and take responsibility: Adam Singolda, CEO of Taboola
Crisis management with COVID-19 and the coronavirus everywhere. Adam Singolda, CEO of Taboola, believes what is needed in the crisis is a clear position against fake news!
Single sign-on (SSO) – Sven Bornemann from EnID about netID, SSO and ePrivacy
In the days of ePrivacy and the death of the third-party cookie, the digital economy is turning to log-in tracking methods. SSO via netID promises better data protection and transparency.
Dr. Brennan Jacoby on the philosophy of trust
In a conversation with Alex Wunschel, Dr. Brennan Jacoby explains his philosophy of trust and shows how much philosophy, trust and success in business have to do with each other.
CTV: Sven Hagemeier on the success model of Connected TV
Although the use of Smart TVs is on the rise, Connected TV still remains in its infancy for us. Sven Hagemeier talks to our host Alex about the potential of CTV as an innovative advertising tool.
Alicia Tillman from SAP on the importance of purpose-driven marketing
As Global CMO of SAP, Alicia Tillman talks to our host Dominik about the role of purpose-driven marketing and a customer-centric, emotional approach in business success.
Direct-to-consumer: Jeff Raider and David Bell on the future of DTC brands
In conversation with Dominik Matyka, DTC pioneers Jeff Raider and David Bell describe their experiences and offer tips for future founders.
Tina Beuchler on the current state of play in digital marketing
Alex Wunschel talks with Tina Beuchler about the main issues in the media industry at this time.
Thomas Fellger & Jens Hilgers on WPP as a shareholder or stakeholder
Thomas Fellger and Jens Hilgers tell Dominik Matyka about their experience with WPP.