Looking back at DMEXCO 2022 in our podcast – and on video!
DMEXCO 2022 was an absolute hit! In our latest podcast episode, host Alex Wunschel reviews this year’s event and talks to prominent guests about their impressions of the expo. Listen now and hear all about it! Note: This podcast is partially only in German.
DMEXCO podcast | A talk with NFT experts Tim Walther & Diego Borgo
It’s all about NFTs – there’s currently no hotter topic in digital marketing. So we invited two absolute NFT and metaverse experts to the latest DMEXCO podcast episode. Tim Walther from Volkswagen and NFT advisor Diego Borgo answered our questions and explained how brands can profit from the hype.
DMEXCO podcast: Cybersecurity from an expert’s perspective
Digitalization in society is in full swing. People around the world are coming up with concepts and looking for ways to create infrastructure that is as fast and efficient as possible, so that it is ready to meet future requirements. But while we are busy with digitalization, we tend to overlook one particular aspect: security.
Oliver Busch: How the metaverse will shape our future
The metaverse is a vision of a world where the boundaries between reality and virtuality blur – with opportunities beyond our imagination. Oliver Busch, Director DACH at Meta, explains what the metaverse is all about and what potential it offers.
Philip Missler: why Pinterest is predicting future trends
Spotting trends before anyone else – Pinterest Predicts already reveals what will be “in” in 2022. Philip Missler, Head of EMEA at Pinterest, explains how inspiration creates future trends.
Nicolas Finet from Sortlist discusses agency dating in the AI era
Nicolas Finet, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at Sortlist, explores the importance of transparency in the agency landscape and growing competition on the advertising market.
Jeremy Connell-Waite, IBM, discusses storytelling and purpose-driven brands
Sustainability and corporate responsibility have become important core topics in corporate communication. Storytelling is the right path to a successful marketing strategy.
CX and First-Party Data in Brand Strategy: Rob Tarkoff, Oracle.
The shift in buying behavior in e-commerce: Rob Tarkoff, EVP & General Manager at Oracle, discusses both the relevance of brand safety and the new data strategy from a customer experience perspective.
Roger Solé, CMO at WeWork: What will work look like in the future?
Will we be working in collaboration hubs and hybrid workplaces in the future? Roger Solé, CMO at WeWork, says we will! In our podcast, he tells us about the opportunities he sees for the future.
How brands and advertisers can use TikTok: Stuart Flint, TikTok
How can businesses, brands, and advertisers optimally use TikTok to their advantage? Stuart Flint, VP, Europe, Sales at TikTok provides firsthand tips and valuable insights.