Monetizing branded searches: Howard Lerman from Yext
How has voice search developed? Two years of just spinning its wheels? Howard Lerman, Co-Founder and CEO of Yext, talks about how searches have evolved and how branded searches can be monetized.
Stan Pavlovsky, Shutterstock: The strategy behind the acquisition of Amper Music
Shutterstock has acquired the AI-driven music platform Amper Music. Stan Pavlovsky, CEO of Shutterstock, explains the role audio will play in his business model in the future.
Christine Maguire from Tripadvisor on leadership, COVID-19 and the travel industry
The travel industry has been hit hard by COVID-19. But what can be done in the current situation? Christine Maguire from Tripadvisor talks about insights from the company’s new whitepaper and how the pandemic is changing the concept of leadership.
Data usage in media companies: Valuable insights from Karthic Bala
How is data related to content? And how can media companies benefit from data? Karthic Bala has interesting answers: In this podcast, he reveals how data is used at Condé Nast.
Steve Clayton from Microsoft: What distinguishes a good corporate story?
How are good corporate stories created and how do they change the corporate culture? In this podcast, Steve Clayton gives interesting insights into his job as Chief Storyteller at Microsoft.
Robyn Peterson of CNN on smart engineering and AI in the media landscape
How are new technologies changing journalism and what role does smart engineering play in the new media landscape? Robyn Peterson, CTO of CNN, shares an interesting outlook.
Louise Richardson on Pinterest marketing, the power of visual content, and more
Pinterest is not like the others: in this podcast, Louise Richardson, Director of Marketing (EMEA), explains what makes the platform different from social media and how Pinterest marketing works.
Sigrid Dalberg-Krajewski from Delivery Hero discusses quick commerce
In this podcast, Sigrid Dalberg-Krajewski, Director of Global Corporate Communications at Delivery Hero, chats with our host Alex about why the future of online retail lies in quick commerce.
Leadership and remote working during the COVID-19 crisis: Sarah Bernuit reveals all
Sarah Bernuit talks to Alex Wunschel about the opportunities and challenges for companies during the current crisis – with eye-opening insights for your business!
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Rob Tarkoff from Oracle on customer experience, trust, and “The New Next”
Why is trust so crucial in the customer experience? And how is the current situation changing the way people work in Silicon Valley? Rob Tarkoff from Oracle explores these questions with Alex Wunschel.