Connected everything (3/3 with Bob Greenberg)
Bob Greenberg speaks about his form of venture business and what he thinks the future holds.
Only with courage and creativity can we continue to develop (2/3 with Bob Greenberg)
Bob Grennberg speaks about R/GA's agency model and the necessary changes in the marketing industry.
Recognizing disruption, implementing changes (1/3 with Bob Greenberg)
Part 1 of our podcast with Bob Greenberg (R/GA) about change and necessary change.
Karen Kaushansky speaks about conversational marketing and voice interfaces
Karen Kaushansky explains conversational marketing and shows brands a way into the future of voice.
Successful advertising-financed journalism at the BBC
Jim Egan from BBC Global News about journalism, trends and opportunities.
Michael Krause on the growth market of audio and podcasting
EMEA Managing Director at Spotify about the audio boom. (German only)
Andreas Lenz on programmatic, advertising in podcasts and political conditions
The CEO of t3n on programmatic from a publisher’s perspective. (German only)
Dominik Meissner on voice marketing on smart speakers
The Managing Director of 169 Labs GmbH in an interview. (German only)
Punk rock, empathy and relationships: what kind of future do we want?
Martin Wezowski, head designer and futurist at SAP, was interviewed by host Katja Nettesheim.
Successful use cases and the future of virtual reality
Dr. Rolf Illenberger, CEO & founder of the VR experts at VIOND in an interview. (German only)