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CTV: Sven Hagemeier on the success model of Connected TV

Podcast Episode 46
Podcast Episode 46
Sven Hagemeier talks about the world of CTV.
The Trade Desk’s Sven Hagemeier talks to Alex Wunschel about innovative advertising possibilities via CTV.

Ever more consumers are turning their backs on classic television to stream via Internet-enabled smart TV sets. In the USA, advertisers have been adapting to this new trend for some time now and are using advertising via Connected TV. The German-speaking countries, by contrast, are still in their infancy as regards CTV. Sven Hagemeier, Director Inventory Partnerships EMEA at The Trade Desk, explores the reasons for this development in an interview with Alex Wunschel, and reveals why CTV is also set to play an increasingly important role in Germany and the EU for reaching target groups in the future.

Sven Hagemeier sees CTV as an opportunity to develop innovative media strategies based on new advertising tools. In this context, Connected TV should not however be confused with Addressable TV. The respective advertising strategies differ in terms of target groups, formats and providers. Hagemeier also makes it clear in the interview that Connected TV reaches a rapidly growing, young, educated and generally high-income target group.

“When we watch Connected TV, we’re in a digital video environment familiar to us from our smartphone or laptop, just on a big TV screen. And – similarly to their use on TV and in digital video – I can actually play out and make entire video spots addressable, for instance as video-on-demand formats or as mid-rolls in longer videos or even in live streams.”

Sven Hagemeier

But what about the distribution channels and usage rights in the area of Connected TV? “Once could perhaps see the TV manufacturers as a kind of new gatekeeper, also for TV content that did not exist in the past,” says Sven Hagemeier.

Further topics are:

  • how target-group targeting works with CTV
  • how campaigns are controlled on different channels
  • how much CTV advertising costs compared to classical advertising

Happy listening!

Alex Wunschel
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