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Content is the foundation of all communication – online and offline. No wonder, then, that content marketing has been one of the top online marketing disciplines for years. High-quality text and video content adds value for consumers and is also a relevant website ranking factor. Not only in search, but also in most types of performance marketing, content is crucial to what users do – whether they click on a page, stay on it and continue to interact. It is essential to publish top content in order to be found, read or viewed, and liked and ultimately to motivate consumers to buy. Unique content Content must be unique to convince search...
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#foodporn: food influencers as brand ambassadors
Are you also a fan of the super #yummy #instafood content on #foodstagram presented by your trusted #foodblogger? Leverage food influencers to boost your marketing in the food sector!
Corporate influencers: new legal situation
Read here about the rules that need to be followed by corporate influencers and the company they’re promoting.
The how and why of community building
Learn here how community building can give your company a competitive edge.
AI prompt engineering for social media texts
Read here to become a pro at prompt engineering and learn how to train AI models for top-class social media texts.
5 tips to boost your reach on social media
Read here how to take your reach to the next level on social media and achieve your communication goals.
Trend: micro-influencers for marketing
More and more companies are boosting their marketing with micro-influencers. We explore what’s behind the trend.
BeReal: how to market on the trending app
BeReal was one of the most downloaded social media apps in 2022. Is the newcomer also suitable for marketing?
Media planning guide: 7 clever software tools
Software tools are a must when planning your media. We explore what media planning tool could be ideal for you!
Generational marketing: targeting Gen Z, etc.
How do you tailor your marketing to Gen Z and others? What appeals to them and makes them tick? We have the answers!
Influencer marketing in the health industry
Influencer marketing is booming in the health industry. Laura Geisreiter from antwerpes health share tells us why.