Finger-licking food marketing using AI

Food marketing à la AI – a new popular dish on the food industry’s marketing menu? More and more companies and agencies are developing AI concepts and innovative solutions to make food marketing more effective. We have an appetizer or two for you!

Food marketing: a digitally created burger
Image: © bombastic80 / AdobeStock

The power of (AI-generated) images

The mere sight of tasty food can make our mouths water and influence the decisions we make when shopping at a grocery store or ordering at a restaurant. And that’s precisely what food marketing relies on. Images and videos are two of the main ingredients in this marketing field – which explains why marketers lapped it up when a range of powerful AI image tools entered the scene in 2023.

The top AI image generators include:

  • Midjourney
  • Dall·E
  • Adobe Firefly
  • Leonardo.Ai

Agencies are embracing AI for their clients

The potential of these new AI apps didn’t go unnoticed by marketing agencies. For example, Core BLN hit the headlines recently for creating high-quality visual content using Midjourney. To begin with, the agency used the AI app to create a commercial for GoNature and demonstrated that moving image content generated by AI is already a highly effective marketing strategy.

The agency then went on to create another food marketing gem – this time for its client Pazza Pasta, which offers reasonably priced Italian food for delivery. To tease people’s taste buds, Core BLN designed images using a number of AI apps, including Midjourney and Topaz AI.

AI-generated image of a pasta dish on an advertising poster
Image: © Pazza Pasta / Core BLN

And the best thing about producing this kind of high-quality content is that it saves time and money.

Food shoots have always been associated with a large amount of effort, high costs, and limited postediting options. But AI is changing that and providing a whole new approach. Food marketing is becoming accessible to more companies due to the use of AI in the industry. We can only look forward to even more innovation and creativity in the coming years!

The rich palette of AI-powered food marketing

AI has also already made its way into various areas of the food production industry, the food tech sector, and the home cooking segment. For example, Maggi launched its AI chatbot KIM (Kitchen Intelligence by Maggi) in 2017, which helps customers to cook by offering recipe ideas, food hacks, and interactive cooking classes on WhatsApp. Maggi’s KIM provides real added value, especially to the younger generation, while constantly adding to the recipes that can be cooked using the brand’s products. That’s what we call cutting-edge marketing!

Juicy news: AI is spicing up food marketing

New technologies are shaking things up in food marketing. AI is giving companies and agencies new possibilities beyond their imagination in order to better adapt to this new environment. We’ve already seen how AI chatbots and AI-generated static and moving image content are becoming valuable and essential tools in the marketing toolbox. And the results are starting to show in the form of exquisite concoctions that make us crave more!