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Brand & Brand Safety

Be it adidas or Nike, Coca-Cola or Pepsi, Mercedes or BMW – brands dominate our everyday lives. Strong brands provide orientation, convey a sense of belonging, arouse desires, and have a firm hold in the minds of consumers. Brand building, i.e. the creation and management of a brand, therefore plays an essential role in business in order to position yourself successfully in competitive markets and react to changing market conditions. The same applies to brand safety, i.e. protecting the brand construct from negative influences. However, against the background of changing customer needs and touchpoints, new, holistic brand strategies are required that put consumers at the center. Strong brands are not interchangeable Well-positioned and well-m...
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Twitch – marketing pros are tapping into the streaming platform
Strong communities, lively interaction, and a wide range of topics: Twitch is a paradise for marketers. Our guide explores how to use it to stream your marketing messages to countless screens.
Gamification – power up your marketing
Things are so much better when they’re fun: gamification lets you level up your marketing and boost interaction and engagement among your customers. We explore two inspiring best cases and walk you through the best gamification elements.
Marketing guide: TikTok is all grown up
With 1.7 billion users, TikTok has enormous potential for your marketing. The platform has long since come of age – it now enables you to reach a broader audience, beyond just the very young. We show you how!
Diversity, equity, and inclusion: Is the ad industry a trailblazer?
DEI stands for diversity, equity, and inclusion – three terms that should shape the marketing world, both internally and externally. But what’s really happening with equal opportunities? And what’s being done to move things forward?
Ambush marketing: capitalizing on mega-events like EURO 2024
The 2024 European soccer championships will draw droves of people to the stadiums and screens. However, the fierce competition will extend beyond the playing field – and ambush marketing is the ultimate tactic for companies to leverage the hype.
Storytelling in marketing: How to reach your customers
What kind of content catches our attention, captures our hearts and stays in our minds? The answer is stories: they move, thrill, and inspire us. Adding storytelling to your marketing lets you tell stories that engage your target group!
#foodporn: food influencers as brand ambassadors
Are you also a fan of the super #yummy #instafood content on #foodstagram presented by your trusted #foodblogger? Leverage food influencers to boost your marketing in the food sector!
Corporate influencers: new legal situation
Read here about the rules that need to be followed by corporate influencers and the company they’re promoting.
Creative marketing as a success factor
How can marketers triumph in the digital world? Read here to learn why creative marketing is so important.
The how and why of community building
Learn here how community building can give your company a competitive edge.