Digital marketing trends of 2022: shortage of skilled professionals a hot topic

We asked, you answered. The results of our DMEXCO trend survey are now in and show that the shortage of skilled professionals is the digital marketing trend topic of 2022. Read on to find out all about it and other trends.

Digital marketing trends of 2022: learn more about the industry’s hot topics
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The digital marketing trends of 2022 put people center stage

In the public discourse on digital marketing, the trend topics of 2022 are centering around diversity, sustainability, and new work. However, it’s a different picture within the industry itself, as shown by the latest DMEXCO trend survey. Together with the opinion and market research company Civey, we surveyed 500 marketing, communications, and PR professionals. The survey revealed that the top topic is the shortage of skilled professionals and the associated recruitment of new personnel.

“Our latest trend survey quite clearly shows that, besides technology, the dominant issue in marketing for 2022 is people. To overcome future problems and challenges, businesses need qualified, motivated employees.”

Jan Garnefeld, Director of Sales & Operations at DMEXCO

Yet finding new employees is becoming more and more of a challenge for brands. There has been an obvious shortage of IT specialists in the industry for years. The coronavirus pandemic has only made this worse. While digitalization is the key to transitioning to a new normal, there is currently (still) a lack of talent and resources to keep pace with the demands of digitalized processes. There are signs that the shortage of skilled professionals will be significantly exacerbated in 2022. Our DMEXCO trend survey corroborates this forecast: around 44 percent of respondents agreed that the shortage of skilled professionals will be one of the main challenges of 2022.

“Only those companies that find the right strategy to counteract the shortage of skilled professionals will be able to assert themselves as a player in the market.” Jan Garnefeld

In digital marketing, this trend will most probably also mean that 2022 will be a year in which the “war for talent” becomes even more hotly contested. Brands will increasingly need to present themselves as an attractive employer to successfully win over skilled professionals.

Digital marketing trends of 2022 – new revenue streams, new work, and logistics problems in second to fourth place

Besides the shortage of skilled professionals, our trend survey highlighted other topics that will shape the future of the industry:

27 percent
of respondents think that exploring new revenue streams will be relevant for the new year.
25 percent
see new work as a key topic.
24 percent
are of the opinion that it will be important to discuss logistics problems.

In contrast, issues defining public debate, such as brand safety, ad fraud, and alternative solutions to third-party cookies, don’t get much of a mention in day-to-day marketing operations. Only a single-digit percentage of the surveyed marketers see these as relevant issues for 2022.

Digital marketing: a final note on the trend topics of 2022

In digital marketing, the trend topics of 2022 will see a wide range of goals being pursued. However, particular emphasis will continue to be placed on digitalization and building strong teams that have the necessary expertise to keep their company successful and future-proof in the face of market competition.

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