Twitch – marketing pros are tapping into the streaming platform

Strong communities, lively interaction, and a wide range of topics: Twitch is a paradise for marketers. Our guide explores how to use it to stream your marketing messages to countless screens.

Twitch marketing guide: a gamer is sitting in front of a PC screen.
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Streaming influencers backed by a strong community

If you’re looking for the right community for your brand, or your products are too niche to be promoted by Instagram influencers with millions of followers, then Twitch should be on your radar! The streaming platform fosters strong relationships between its streamers and their followers, so incorporating it into your marketing mix could work wonders.

In contrast to other social media platforms, Twitch streamers produce and share their content instantly during live formats. As a result, they are seen as extremely authentic and approachable content creators. And their fans can’t get enough of them – as shown by how animated their interaction is in the chat feature during the streams. This means streamers are highly effective multipliers. By teaming up with them and embracing influencer marketing on Twitch, you can take your brand to a whole new level.

Who can you reach by marketing on Twitch in 2024?

Twitch has a reputation for being the heartland of gaming content. But did you know that the platform has been broadening its horizons for some years now? Although gaming is still its clear content focus, you’ll also find communities actively engaging with each other about topics spanning entertainment, music, sports, and more.

Acquired by Amazon in 2014, the live streaming platform is now a dominant player on the market. Worldwide, more than 31 million users consume content on the site every day. That makes the platform lucrative for the content creators themselves, of course: together they earned more than a billion U.S. dollars globally in 2022.

Incidentally, the main European market for Twitch is Germany, with 290,000 monthly streamers and 1.7 billion hours of content streamed each year.

1 billion U.S. dollars

paid by Amazon for Twitch in 2014

31 million

global Twitch viewers per day

1.7 billion

hours of content streamed via Twitch each year in Germany

One among seven million: Twitch and influencer marketing

An impressive 7.3 million active streamers serve up content to viewers on Twitch each month. They can monetize their work in a number of ways, including advertising, sponsoring, or receiving gifts from their community.

As a marketer, you can benefit from the close relationship that streamers build with their community. All you have to do is find that one person who aligns with your brand from among more than seven million content creators.

Our free Twitch guide walks you through how to run the perfect influencer marketing campaign on Twitch. We also present some inspiring best cases and successful campaigns from previous years.