Guide: How to plan a successful cross-media campaign

A good marketing campaign involves different communication channels in the effort to reach the target group in multiple ways. In our guide, you can read how to develop an expedient cross-channel strategy.

If you want to avoid getting bogged down in cross-media marketing, you need to gain insights about the target group in advance.
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Cross-channel marketing: Transporting a main idea across multiple channels

From classic radio advertising to marketing on TikTok: If you run your campaign across multiple channels, you can make use of numerous options that can be effectively linked to each other depending on the campaign goal involved. “The overall intention in cross-media marketing is to achieve high visibility,” says Marc Czieslick, Managing Director and inventor of Contentpepper, the multi-channel marketing platform. “Although the goal is to generate sales-qualified leads in the B2B area, for example, I’d like to achieve greater reach, shares and likes in the area of brand communication.”

Cross-media marketing is based on an integrative approach: A core message is conveyed simultaneously across multiple channels. This is how the cross-media campaign meets the target group at several stations and addresses different senses with a rich variety of formats. “The goal of the cross-media campaign should be to reach the user in the right place at the right time with the right advertising media,” recommends Marcel Richter, Team Lead Client Strategy & Solutions at EPROFESSIONAL, the technology and consulting firm for digital marketing solutions.

How many channels should a cross-media campaign populate?

Whether paid, owned or earned media: In cross-media marketing, there are no limits to the possibilities for combining media types, communication channels and strategies. By definition, a cross-media campaign must include at least two channels. But are there guidelines as to the number of channels a cross-media campaign should use to generate the most conversions? “According to a study by Gartner, campaigns that serve four or more digital channels are around 300% more successful than those that use just one or two channels,” reports Marc Czieslick.

„Campaigns integrating 4 or more digital channels will outperform single- or dual-channel campaigns by 300 %.”

Gartner Research

“So success theoretically increases exponentially to the number of channels,” says Czieslick. “In practice, though, marketing managers rarely manage to continuously populate and maintain more than three channels without the right software solutions,” he adds.

According to Marcel Richter, too, no generalizations can be made on this point: “The optimum number of channels depends on the customer, the campaign and the budget. With a high budget, you should go ahead and try out lots of different channels. Generally speaking, the rule is: The more insights I have gained in advance about the target group, the more systematic my selection can be. The less data I have, the more experimental I have to be.”

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How do you select the right channels for your cross-media campaign, and what role do personas play in this? What distinguishes good cross-channel management, and which tools can assist you in doing so? In our guide, Marcel Richter and Marc Czieslick provide tips for a promising approach in cross-media marketing.

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