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Why quantum computers are a security threat
Experts are looking for encryption methods that these new computers can’t crack
DES Madrid
21.05.2019 - 23.05.2019
21.05.2019 - 23.05.2019
21.05.2019 -
How smartphones are changing buying patterns
Smartphones have become an integral part of online purchasing processes. Here's a look at what has to be considered and which trends are important
Five trends in the mobile communications market
There are some issues that cannot be ignored in Barcelona this year. Here is a look at which ones they are and what they mean for the internet industry.
How Apple and Google are changing the way people pay
Why things are changing when it comes to payment in Germany and how online and offline retail can benefit from it.
The hope of conducting retail transactions via voice assistant
You can find Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant in more and more living rooms. However, Germans still rarely use the smart speakers for shopping.
CES trends in 2019 and what they mean for marketers
The industry event in Las Vegas showed where the tech journey is heading at the moment. We assessed the most important innovations.
Investment trends 2019: Follow the money
E-commerce and advertising remain exciting businesses for investors, while financial and legal technology are gaining in importance – the lucrative investment trends for the digital industry.
Advertisers’ dependency on technology providers
Christof Baron, Global Head of Media at Sanofi, in an interview with Katja Nettesheim. (German only)
How blockchain technology is bringing brands and users closer together
Alex Tapscott, author of “The Blockchain Revolution,” talks with Katja Nettesheim. (German only)