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DMEXCO podcast: Sabrina Ellis on user engagement and e-commerce at Pinterest

Podcast Episode 104
Podcast Episode 104
Sabrina Ellis from Pinterest
Sabrina Ellis, Chief Product Officer at Pinterest, joins Verena Gründel for a chat (© Pinterest / Sabrina Ellis)

KPIs in product design – how to achieve 66 percent more engagement sessions

“There’s a number of things that we measure. It’s everything from if we’re designing something new, how much is it changing their experience? Are they engaging more?” Good product design is measurable – a message that’s clearly communicated by Sabrina Ellis in a chat with podcast host Verena Gründel. As Chief Product Officer at Pinterest and in previous roles, Ellis has gained a wealth of experience in the industry – which she shares with listeners in the latest episode of the DMEXCO podcast. Among other things, she takes stock of a feature recently introduced on Pinterest, which allows users to filter results according to body type so that they’re only shown relevant content. The outcome? Ellis proudly reports that engagement sessions have increased by 66 percent. In her eyes, really understanding the lives and needs of users is key to this kind of success.

Everyone is after some inspiration

If Ellis were to describe Pinterest in one word, it would be “inspiration”. And the figures show that this is currently in high demand: 518 million people worldwide use Pinterest each month – that’s an increase of 12 percent compared to last year. Globally, 76 percent of its users are female, although this metric is lower in Germany at 64 percent.

518 million
people use Pinterest each month.

76 percent
of global users are female.

64 percent
of users in Germany are female.

Gen Z and Pinterest – a dream team

Who are Pinterest’s users and how do they behave on the platform? Ellis explains that Gen Z has a big influence. That’s mainly due to the fact that, at 42 percent, they make up a significant proportion of global users. In addition, Gen Z is the strongest-growing user group and also the generation that engages the most on the platform. For that reason, Pinterest obviously wants to meet the needs of this major target group and offer it the “freshest content”.

Pinterest Predicts as a secret weapon

How do you not only respond to trends, but also predict them so you can proactively leverage them? That’s a question that all marketers ask themselves – and one that can be answered by the experts at Pinterest, who want to make their platform the leading source of inspiration. In this respect, Ellis offers a glimpse behind the scenes: Pinterest Predicts is an analysis conducted at the end of each year, with the aim of predicting what trends the coming year will bring. “80 percent of them prove to be true,” says the Chief Product Officer as she commends her marketing team. In the podcast, you’ll learn what that means for Pinterest’s positioning in the marketing funnel.

DMEXCO podcast: the future of Pinterest

What does the future of Pinterest look like? What approach is the platform taking to continue to be a source of inspiration while also incorporating shopping features? And what role does partnering with Amazon and Google play in all that? Sabrina Ellis reveals the answers to Verena Gründel in the DMEXCO podcast. The episode also explores the following topics:

  • How does Ellis’s “Rule of Three” for team numbers lead to better collaboration?
  • What is Pinterest hoping to achieve with its strategy?
  • How does the shopping experience on Pinterest differ from other e-commerce sites?
  • What design hacks should be on our radar?

You’ll also find out what Ellis’s favorite podcast is, what book she’s currently reading, and what her latest Pinterest Pin was. Have we piqued your interest? Then put your headphones on, immerse yourself in Sabrina Ellis’s creative Pinterest world, and get inspired by her experiences.

While you’re at it, why not also grab your ticket for DMEXCO 2024, being held on September 18 and 19?

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