w3.vision: DMEXCO 2022 and w3.fund launch a unique Web3 event
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), crypto communities, blockchain, and the metaverse. The inaugural “w3.vision” event at DMEXCO on September 21 and 22 in Cologne will take a deep dive into these important future topics. This exclusive “event within an event” is being organized by DMEXCO in collaboration with w3.fund. A dedicated experience, networking, and conference area at Europe’s leading digital marketing & tech event in Cologne will bring together top Web3 experts with the industry’s biggest brands.
Yes to diversity marketing, no to social washing
More and more customers are expecting diversity from companies. Diversity marketing therefore offers enormous potential for brands – as long as the campaigns are credible. Our story explores how that can be achieved.
Cybersecurity: Security at the Edge Must be an Integral Part of Companies’ Defense-in-Depth Mentality
Margaret Arakawa, CMO of edge cloud provider Fastly, explains how companies can and should respond to challenges posed by evolving methods of cyberattack.
Guide: Bringing about diversity and inclusion in the workplace
Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are highly topical issues in boardrooms right now. But what’s it all about? And how can we shape the transformation to a tolerant and appreciative corporate culture? Our guide gives you an overview.
The Microsoft Inclusive Tech Lab: a fresh take on inclusion
To make its products more accessible to people with disabilities, Microsoft has set up an Inclusive Tech Lab. We explore the initiative and show what other companies can learn from it.
25 effective social media marketing tips
Wanting to boost your company’s visibility and working on a social media strategy? We have 25 marketing tips for you to incorporate straight into your planning!
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