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Smart Products, Cities & Homes

In the face of the ongoing digital transformation and looming climate crisis, new ways of using technology to make our lives more sustainable are being explored all the time. In recent years, politics, urban planning, and engineering have focused on one topic in particular: smart cities and smart homes. Smart cities represent common concepts with the goal of making towns and cities more efficient, greener, and better places to live. The innovations in technology that are part and parcel of economic and social changes aim to make the urban environment more attractive for residents. Berlin, for example, has already been following a smart city strategy since April 2015, with goals that include creating a pilot market for innovative applications, u...
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Grocery store of the future – will we soon only be buying our food online?
Self-service grocery stores, or supermarkets, emerged in the US in the 1930s and were a real innovation at the time. But are they now outdated? We spoke to Gorillas’ Alexander Brunst about current trends and the grocery store of the future.
Responsive cities – what comes after smart cities?
How will digitalization transform cities? Until now, smart cities would have been the answer given by many experts to this question, but a new concept has now emerged: responsive cities, in other words cities where the residents rule.
Emotion AI – the artificial emotional intelligence
Robots with emotions can master complex tasks better. Researchers are convinced of this. But how do machines learn to read emotions, and what opportunities does emotion AI open up in the business world?