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Emerging Markets

The economy in industrial countries may be declining, but emerging markets such as China and Russia are in high demand. Although it’s true that new investment opportunities abound, tapping into new sales markets still poses significant challenges and risks for companies. What are emerging markets? Emerging markets is another term used for the “second-world countries”, which include China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, South Africa, and Brazil. Unlike developing countries, these countries are emerging as industrial countries. They are characterized by rapid industrialization, which can be measured by economic development indicators such as gross domestic product. According to the World Bank and the International Moneta...
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A glimpse into the tube: what does the future of TV hold?
TV is a medium that has captivated the masses for as long as we can remember. In our new guide, we give you an overview of the latest TV trends and where advertisers now need to get on board.
Augmented reality: the better reality thanks to clever apps
Most people are familiar with the concept of virtual reality. However, very few know much about augmented reality – or AR for short – which is driven by a principle that seems to be quickly outrunning VR.
In-game advertising: how it drives brands forward
Games are no longer an enigma to advertisers. But when is it worthwhile for brands to bring in-game advertising into play? We interviewed Yves Bollinger (DDB / FTW Germany). Read here what potential he thinks it offers for marketers.
Grocery store of the future – will we soon only be buying our food online?
Self-service grocery stores, or supermarkets, emerged in the US in the 1930s and were a real innovation at the time. But are they now outdated? We spoke to Gorillas’ Alexander Brunst about current trends and the grocery store of the future.
How to enter new markets successfully
Tapping new sales markets is a challenge for business development and marketing.
China: Retail and e-commerce merging
While here in Germany the future of retail is still the subject of controversial discussion, things are already further ahead in China.