A glimpse into the tube: what does the future of TV hold?

TV is a medium that has captivated the masses for as long as we can remember. In our new guide, we give you an overview of the latest TV trends and where advertisers now need to get on board.

This is the future of television.
Image: © Gorodenkoff / Adobe Stock

You won’t believe your eyes: what the future of TV has in store

How will we watch television in the future, and what does the future of TV look like? Intriguing questions that are well worth answering. The TV industry is being shaken up – and we’re right in the thick of it as media consumers. What’s driving this transformation? You guessed it: digitalization. The entertainment industry is shifting at lightning speed and technical innovations keep being introduced – turning our viewing habits on their head in the process.

The dynamic world of TV

Countless streaming providers, which are producing series and even movies themselves, are now directly competing with the traditional TV industry, with modern online services drawing in customers with video on demand (VOD). Nowadays, viewers can watch the content of their choice whenever and wherever they want – even on the move using mobile devices. Only 20 years ago, that would have been unimaginable. Instead, you would have taken a pen and highlighted interesting movies and series in your TV guide magazine – and scheduled your other leisure activities around them.

Ads and TV – and how they fit together today

As the industry becomes more and more digitalized, new technologies such as connected TV (CTV) are starting to overtake traditional TV content. However, the latter still has its place: a study conducted by the German public broadcasting services ARD and ZDF on the mass communication trends of 2021 found that 81 percent of the population still watch traditional TV at least once a week. With those two factors in mind, the TV industry is becoming a highly dynamic environment, particularly for advertisers. After all, ad budgets have to be cleverly allocated to the right places to attract attention. It’s not easy, though, to keep up with how quickly the TV industry is evolving from a technological perspective. Are the new digital services a suitable advertising channel? Is it worth tapping into them for advertising, or would it be better to stick with traditional TV?

The future of TV for advertisers

In our guide “The future of TV: television advertising trends put to the test”, we get to the heart of the matter and give you a practical overview of what’s happening right now in digital TV advertising. Do you want to find out why CTV pays off, and why OTT is touted as the next big thing in TV? Then download our guide – free for the DMEXCO community. We hope you enjoy reading it and find it useful!