Goldbach Advanced TV study: connected TV advertising works

Marketers, take note! The 5th Goldbach Advanced TV study has been published and reveals that online euphoria remains high among TV viewers. The study also shows that advertising in the connected TV environment works.

Connected TV: Goldbach Advanced TV study confirms growing acceptance
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Connected TV – the technology is particularly appealing to the younger target audience

Whether via a game console or smart TV: connected TV is in high demand. The new Goldbach Advanced TV study has found that streaming devices have found their way into more and more households in the DACH region. The study gives their flexibility and wide variety of content as key reasons. Streaming apps complement the linear program and enhance the options already available. That is particularly appealing to younger users.

70 %
of people aged 16 to 49 use connected TV.

Acceptance is also especially high in households with children, with around 77 percent of household members using the technology. Three-quarters of those surveyed access this kind of entertainment via a smart TV. The other quarter use streaming boxes, TV sticks, or game consoles.

App or VOD add-on features are shaping the viewing program

In many households, app or VOD add-on features are especially influencing the viewing program. 95 percent of those participating in the Goldbach Advanced TV study said they use these options – eight percent more than last year. Streaming apps are being used the most. The target group ranging from ages 50 to 69 additionally like to use TV apps (60 percent). For younger users, music apps are also popular (27 percent).

All this is causing a trend reversal when it comes to the start screen: while it mostly used to give viewers immediate access to their linear TV program, 55 percent of respondents now choose to see their streaming device’s interface first.

95 %
of respondents use app or VOD add-on features
60 %
of people aged 50 to 69 likes to use TV apps
27 %
of younger users like music apps

Highly promising for marketers: connected TV advertising works

According to the study, viewers use 2.3 paid apps and 3.2 free apps on average. Two-thirds of the respondents who use paid apps said they would put up with ads if the apps were free. Connected TV thus offers enormous potential for marketers. That’s because connected TV advertising grabs the attention of 43 percent of the users surveyed.

In the target group comprising the 30 to 49 age range, 52 percent of those taking part in the study are “perfectly fine” with ads, while 43 percent actually find them “helpful”.

The possibilities offered by connected TV for boosting brands are thus huge. Are you a marketer and want to make the most of this environment? Then round up your team and start planning your next campaign!

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