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VR / AR / XR

The use of virtual realities is becoming more and more popular at companies. After all, digital spaces offer numerous possibilities, not only in terms of product design, but also with regard to user experience. The umbrella term “extended reality”, or XR for short, is used to describe various virtualities, ranging from completely real to completely virtual. These include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and more. Virtual reality (VR) Virtual reality refers to an artificial world or environment that is generated using computer programs and transmitted via big screens, VR glasses, or in special rooms called “cave automatic virtual environments”. Users can move around in this world, while the displayed view adapts to their line of sight and mov...
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VR marketing and more in the food industry
Behind the scenes, the food industry has become a trailblazer in virtual reality marketing and development in recent years. We take a look at how it’s leveraging VR – and what marketers can learn from it.
Metaverse marketing – a glimpse into the future
The metaverse is one of Web3’s top creations, but people haven’t been talking about it much recently. So, what’s going on with the new digital space? And how can you leverage the metaverse effectively for your marketing? We have the answers here!
AI prompt engineering for social media texts
Read here to become a pro at prompt engineering and learn how to train AI models for top-class social media texts.
Augmented Reality in Marketing: 8 Current Examples
From L’Oréal to Meta and Snapchat – augmented reality has found its way into marketing. We explore some examples.
Welcome to the metaverse of e-commerce
It’s clear that the metaverse will revolutionize e-commerce. We explore how far the trend has already come.
Esports: VR and AR trends in fitness
Mixed reality applications are enhancing esports in the form of immersive worlds. Read here for the trends.
Tech in education: why WWF Germany is embracing experience learning and VR
Experience learning with complex content: WWF Germany is leveraging virtual reality to show how hydrogen can be produced and put to good use in the future. The NGO is thus leading the way when it comes to digital learning content.
Edtech: The playground for technologies of the future
Edtech has become the frontrunner in groundbreaking innovation. VR, blockchain, AI – digital education is more exciting than ever. We took a look at what’s making edtech so exciting right now. So get out your pencils and pay attention!
Online car sales are gaining momentum
Although only a small proportion of all car sales still takes place online, the trend is definitely growing. What challenges must the industry overcome before online car sales become the new standard?
Snapchat’s success story: driven by innovation
Snapchat kicked off its success as a social network with self-destructing chats. It now has 332 million daily users thanks to its innovative features. We took a closer look at its success story.