Augmented reality: how presented its new AR products at DMEXCO

How do you present augmented reality at a trade fair? Germany's largest car marketplace,, set an example this year at DMEXCO and, together with the digital agency cynapsis interactive, created a unique trade fair experience based on AR content.


Augmented reality (AR) offers a lot of potential for interested parties to experience a product in their own environment. According to a study conducted by Consortpartners, almost three-quarters of all American and English marketers surveyed believe that augmented reality has great potential in marketing. And there are good reasons for this: in times of dwindling attention for advertising messages, it is enormously important to trigger enthusiasm among prospective customers using marketing content.

Why users are attracted to AR

Enriching reality with additional images, sounds and even smells: augmented reality is still in its infancy, but it is already changing the way companies market their products. At least since the success of Pokemon Go, AR using smart phones has become well known amongst most users and is gaining increasing acceptance. Modern consumers are becoming more and more receptive to AR experiences, which in contrast to classical advertising measures can generate significantly more moments of interaction and thus more attention. The computing power of modern smart phones now makes these experiences easy to tap into anywhere without the need for additional equipment.

Case at DMEXCO 19

At this year’s DMEXCO, showed how AR and mobile advertising can work together in the automotive sector. The idea for was to have exciting new AR advertising products developed, which could then be presented directly at the trade fair stand and tried out by customers. AR experiences do not work like videos alone. Therefore, the presentation at its stand was a good opportunity for to exploit the full potential of its new products.

The bottom line

In a use case, we have summarized for you which technology was used and how profited from the AR experience directly on site.

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