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Purpose Driven Marketing

Times are changing: these days, agencies need to define an attitude and identify a purpose for the brands they support. Moving with the times means engaging with new target groups, meeting their needs, and handling wide-ranging change in the marketing world. Purpose-driven marketing is definitely at the top of the list right now, so read our DMEXCO stories to find out more about it. What is purpose-driven marketing? These days, everything has a purpose and is for a good cause – or at least they do when it comes to campaigns based on purpose-driven marketing. This marketing strategy is still relatively new and involves marketing messages about the product and presenting its...
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Agency compass 2023, pt. II: Sustainability, purpose, and new work
Sustainability, purpose, and new work are THE current buzzwords. But what does that actually mean for agency bosses? We put that question to five of them who form a cross section of the industry.
Pinkwashing examples that you need to know about
It doesn’t always have to be green – brands might also give themselves a pinkwash, even if they don’t merit it. We present some examples here.
Checklist: Greenwashing – how green should your marketing be?
Green marketing is right on trend, but the line between successful advertising messages and greenwashing can sometimes become blurred. What must marketers keep in mind, and what should they do if they are unsure? Our brand-new checklist will fill you in.
Does an agency need attitude?
Companies usually communicate their attitude proudly and publicly to the outside world through their mission statement. Are attitude and purpose needed, and maybe even crucial, for agencies as well?
The Rise and Risk of Purpose Driven Marketing
Purpose Driven Marketing is all about tact. Where are the pitfalls for companies and how can they avoid them?
A ‘purpose’ is no longer enough. Telling authentic stories is key
Time and time again we hear of the value of purpose-driven marketing, so how do brands differentiate themselves when having a purpose no longer sets you apart from the competition?
Purpose marketing: more attitude, please!
Global brands like Nike or Procter & Gamble have shown the way: is attitude towards social issues becoming the new marketing discipline?