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Deep Learning

A subfield of machine learning, deep learning is based on the use of artificial neural networks and large quantities of data. The learning abilities of neural networks are modeled on those of the human brain. Through deep learning, artificial intelligence has the capability of making its own predictions or decisions. It can thus manage immense data volumes much quicker than humans could themselves. It is most commonly used for image, text, and speech recognition. Difference between machine learning and deep learning Machine learning uses specifically prepared algorithms for data analysis purposes and then learns and makes decisions based on this analysis. Machine learning thus doesn’t use neural networks. While machine learning requires stru...
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GenAI in Marketing: What’s next after the hype?
Marketing forms the ideal playing field for AI – time to consolidate the collaboration between humans and GenAI in a structured way. Read more here!
Beer Brewing 4.0: digitalization of the brewing industry
A romantic craft? Digitalization has completely revolutionized the art of beer brewing. Join us on the journey and find out how the frothy beverage is made today and what role machine learning, digital twins, and other aspects play.
10 useful business intelligence tools for your company
For fresh insights and better decisions: modern business intelligence tools help you unlock your company’s data trove. Deciding which BI tool is right for you depends on your specific requirements.
5 hot business intelligence trends that should be on your radar
The BI field is moving at a fast pace and determining how companies will work with data in the future. In our story, we present 5 key business development trends that pave the way for even better decision-making.
Emotion AI – the artificial emotional intelligence
Robots with emotions can master complex tasks better. Researchers are convinced of this. But how do machines learn to read emotions, and what opportunities does emotion AI open up in the business world?
How smart is artificial intelligence really?
AI can perform amazing feats or fail spectacularly. According to experts, we have to be aware of these limitations.