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There’s no escaping eBay, Amazon, Zalando, etc., and for many avid shoppers they’re now more appealing than going on a shopping spree downtown. The restrictions placed on brick-and-mortar retail as a result of the coronavirus pandemic have given the entire e-commerce sector an enormous extra boost since 2020. The trend isn’t new, but the varied options for advertising on these e-commerce platforms are. Retail media: the new interface between marketing and e-commerce In short, retail media is when brands display their ads in the various performance marketing formats of web stores and the big e-commerce platforms, for example in the form of banners, links to brand stores embedded in the overall...
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Retail media: These are the insights you need to know
Brands, companies, and online stores are restructuring their marketing and opting for retail media. Read our guide to find out which retail media strategies are being implemented and which trends are emerging.
Guide: retail media – what’s behind the boom?
Retail media is one of the most promising advertising concepts in recent years. Why is that, and why is it time to rethink your ad spending? Our retail media guide explains all.
Retailtainment – the future of e-commerce?
The coronavirus pandemic is giving a massive boost to e-commerce right now. At the same time, customer behavior is changing in that it is being increasingly driven by experiences, both offline and online. As a result, stimulating retailtainment is becoming more and more relevant.
China: Retail and e-commerce merging
While here in Germany the future of retail is still the subject of controversial discussion, things are already further ahead in China.
How Amazon is stirring up the advertising industry
Although Amazon is not native to the advertising market, it brings with it a powerful treasure trove of data.