Immersive experiences in marketing
A guest article from Katharina Jäger, Head of Innovation & Technology at the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW)
These EURO 2024 marketing campaigns hit the back of the net
This year’s European soccer championships were a great backdrop for marketers. From out-of-home advertising to digital strategies, brands cleverly captured the attention of fans. We take a closer look at the most creative campaigns.
Twitch – marketing pros are tapping into the streaming platform
Strong communities, lively interaction, and a wide range of topics: Twitch is a paradise for marketers. Our guide explores how to use it to stream your marketing messages to countless screens.
Gamification – power up your marketing
Things are so much better when they’re fun: gamification lets you level up your marketing and boost interaction and engagement among your customers. We explore two inspiring best cases and walk you through the best gamification elements.
Sports marketing in the 2024 mega sporting year
From the European soccer championships to the Olympics and NFL – 2024 is the ultimate year for sports fans and sports marketers alike. So, what marketing strategies are sports organizations implementing? We reveal all in our whitepaper!
AI playbook: how to use artificial intelligence – the right way
What’s possible with AI, and what opportunities does it bring? The brand-new AI playbook by the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW) provides a detailed overview of the status quo as well as the challenges and myths surrounding AI.
Marketing guide: TikTok is all grown up
With 1.7 billion users, TikTok has enormous potential for your marketing. The platform has long since come of age – it now enables you to reach a broader audience, beyond just the very young. We show you how!
How AI is taking agencies to new creative heights – 5 best cases
From more efficient workflows to fresh solutions and automation, agencies can leverage AI tools on a multitude of levels. The five best cases in our whitepaper show how AI in agencies can also take creative output to a new level.
Kill your darlings – the art of making data-based decisions
A guest article by Janina Mütze, Founder and Managing Director of Civey.
Don’t write them off just yet: third-party cookies get a reprieve in 2024
Google has once again postponed the disabling of third-party cookies—the launch of a successor model for all users is not due to begin until 2025 at the earliest. We investigated this further and asked Google why there has been yet another delay.
DMEXCO survey: More than 50% of marketers believe their prompting skills still need some work
AI as a trending topic: the gap that still has to be bridged between theoretical discussions and practical usage exists in the marketing and communications indus-try as well. This discrepancy was highlighted by a recent study conducted by mar-ket research company Civey on behalf of DMEXCO, which shows that around 37% of marketing and communications professionals currently use AI tools such as ChatGPT in their everyday professional life. The majority of respondents aged 18 to 29 (60.3%) use these tools, while the figure for professionals aged 30 to 39 drops to just under 41%.
DMEXCO survey: AI is gradually conquering the marketing world
37 percent – more than a third of marketers – already use AI tools regularly, according to our survey. But what exactly do they use it for and what challenges still need to be overcome? Our survey provides valuable insights!
Diversity, equity, and inclusion: Is the ad industry a trailblazer?
DEI stands for diversity, equity, and inclusion – three terms that should shape the marketing world, both internally and externally. But what’s really happening with equal opportunities? And what’s being done to move things forward?
Get ahead of the game with moment marketing
From the European soccer championships to the Olympics: all eyes are on 2024’s impressive schedule of major sports events. Your brand can get in on the action using moment marketing. So, get out your calendar and start preparing your campaigns!
Ambush marketing: capitalizing on mega-events like EURO 2024
The 2024 European soccer championships will draw droves of people to the stadiums and screens. However, the fierce competition will extend beyond the playing field – and ambush marketing is the ultimate tactic for companies to leverage the hype.
BVDW initiative: Your data has the power to make a difference!
A guest article by Carsten Rasner, Managing Director of the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW)
DMEXCO interview on the DFB marketing campaign for EURO 2024
“Fussballzeit is the best time” has been the DFB’s slogan over the past few months to get Germans in the mood for EURO 2024. Holger Merk joined us for an interview to discuss the success of the marketing campaign – along with the numbers behind it.
The future of TV: El Dorado for marketers
Imagine a situation where your ads reach precisely the people you’re targeting. Streaming services make it possible! Let’s look into the future of TV.