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Innovation, flexibility, and speed are just some of the characteristics that we typically associate with startups. Modern technology and original business ideas give startups the potential to grow (or “scale up”) faster than traditional companies. Above-average innovation is definitely an advantage when starting up: the search for “the next big thing” is what drives many young companies. Whether artificial intelligence, the green economy, or Web3 – there are a vast array of pioneering fields for smart founders and budding entrepreneurs to tap into. We deliver brand-new content on the topic and present imp...
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9 startups using AI to champion sustainability
Across a wide range of areas, AI is seen as a catalyst for optimizing processes and creating fresh ideas and new designs. Can it also be used to help protect our planet against climate change? These 9 startups are combining AI and sustainability.
German Digital Award: calling all digital transformation stars
The German Digital Award (DDA) recognizes outstanding digital companies. This year, DMEXCO will be presenting the award for Digital Transformation. Read here what your company needs to demonstrate to win the prestigious accolade.
Food tech: Are AI recipes and robot chefs taking over?
AI-controlled kitchens, robot chefs, and fully automated order management – exciting solutions are springing up like mushrooms at restaurants and suppliers. Take a seat and get a taste of two innovative food tech startups and their concepts.
Web3 in real life: a visit to the new w3.hub has set up a new home for itself. We took a look around the w3.hub, a space dedicated to Web3.
Farewell to Germany as an innovation hub?
The number of new startups has been in sharp decline recently. Is Germany’s status as an innovation hub waning?
What will be the next startup unicorns?
We have compiled an overview of ten businesses that could soon be rated as the latest unicorn startups.
ChatGPT in startups: exciting opportunities
Is ChatGPT useful for startups? Absolutely! Read on to find out more about the potential of AI in startups.
Creating a startup: these 5 steps will have you pitching your idea in no time
Who doesn’t dream of being their own boss one day? But what’s the key to creating a startup, and what steps do you have to take? Read our latest guide to find out more!
Women in Tech: Rewriting the script for the startup scene
Surprise, surprise: in 2022, men were still dominating the startup scene – particularly in the tech industry. No change there then. But women in tech are writing an important new script that promises to deliver a different future.
5 innovative startups wanting to improve the world with new technologies
It’s time to move over for the newcomers on the market. Innovative startups are really knocking it out of the park with their fresh visions. We introduce you to five of them.