German Digital Award: calling all digital transformation stars

The German Digital Award (DDA) recognizes outstanding digital companies. This year, DMEXCO will be presenting the award for Digital Transformation. Read here what your company needs to demonstrate to win the prestigious accolade.

DMEXCO will be presenting the prize in the Digital Transformation category for the German Digital Award.

The Digital Transformation award – presented by DMEXCO

As Europe’s leading digital marketing event, DMEXCO is in pole position to recognize the achievements of companies who have innovatively driven the digital transformation process. So it’s no surprise that Verena Gründel, DMEXCO’s new Brand and Communications Director, will be sitting on the jury of the German Digital Award again: “I’m looking forward to being a jury member for the German Digital Award for a second time. Every year, the submissions consistently prove that Germany can deliver digital excellence. The DDA is an unmissable event for relevant players on the digital scene – not just in Germany, but also internationally. At DMEXCO, we’re obviously delighted to be able to present the Digital Transformation category this year.”

edition X: the German Digital Award celebrates its 10th installment

This year’s German Digital Award is a special one because it marks its 10th anniversary. Anke Herbener, Vice President of the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW), is also full of positivity: “The German Digital Award has been championing digital creative excellence in Germany for 10 years now. DMEXCO brings together businesses shaping the future of digital marketing and provides a platform for an industry that is constantly transforming along with its products and services. For us, it’s only logical for DMEXCO and the DDA to join forces. The BVDW is thrilled that this partnership is being underscored by the Digital Transformation category as part of the award’s 10th anniversary.”

Innovation and transformation as two aspects of digital transformation

The Digital Transformation award is split into two subcategories that explore two different sides of the transformation process.


If your company has developed pioneering concepts and deserves to win the award for Digital Transformation, then submit your application on the German Digital Award website by the end of March 11, 2024.

“New Start-up / Innovation” subcategory

Innovative start-ups are the disruptors in today’s world, so it’s only fitting that they get their own award. To be eligible to win the award in the “New Start-up / Innovation” subcategory, your start-up should have established a business model on the basis of digital products or platforms. Your idea needs to be completely new, especially creative, and digital at its core. It doesn’t matter if your innovative start-up is operating on a for-profit basis or as a charitable nonprofit organization.

“Product & Corporate Transformation” subcategory

Digitalization means transformation! Digital processes at a company can’t just be a replica of old, analog structures. Instead, there needs to be a shift in the corporate culture to harness the full potential of digitalization. With that in mind, this subcategory is intended for companies that have successfully implemented transformation programs and projects. That may relate to areas of your products, your business model, or your company as a whole.

For example, your company would be eligible for this award if you’ve enhanced your physical products with digital components or successfully digitalized internal processes. However, you need to make it quick and easy for the jury to assess why your achievements deserve to win.

The German Digital Award’s jury is curious to see AI-powered submissions

Artificial intelligence has been transforming the digital world, particularly since early 2023. Gründel thinks that will also be reflected in the applications submitted for the German Digital Award: “Generative AI is shaking up the industry. That will be highlighted both at this year’s DMEXCO and in the applications submitted for the German Digital Award. I’m especially excited to see how cleverly applicants incorporate AI!” The rapid developments seen in the past year definitely promise plenty of fascinating submissions.

Does your company have what it takes to win a German Digital Award? Then submit your application by the end of March 11, 2024!