Creating a startup: these 5 steps will have you pitching your idea in no time

Who doesn’t dream of being their own boss one day? But what’s the key to creating a startup, and what steps do you have to take? Read our latest guide to find out more!

Many people toy with the idea of creating a startup.
Image: © Gorodenkoff / Adobe Stock

Why startups are so important

Startups make a valuable contribution to the innovative power of our economy – something that is more important than ever in these challenging times. New companies create momentum, offer innovative solutions, and breathe life into the markets. Startups, creative pioneers, and clever entrepreneurs make progress possible. So, where are all you budding businesspeople and future game-changers?

The practicalities of creating a startup

Many of us have toyed with the idea of launching our own business, but few of us are brave enough to actually do it. If you haven’t really looked into the ins and outs of forming a company before, a startup might seem like a dreamy concept and conjure up images of some highly inspiring entrepreneur hoping to revolutionize the market with a groundbreaking idea, while energetic, motivating music plays in the background. Before they know it, they’ve managed to win over investors and their business is booming. But hang on a minute – let’s come back down to earth. Things don’t often pan out like that in reality. Creating a startup demands a lot of work and careful thought. Before a new founder can even contemplate registering their business, there is a long to-do list to get through.

Launching a startup

What does launching a startup actually involve? Generally, it can be broken down into five essential steps, ending in your first pitch. These give you a good idea of the tasks that lie ahead of you and how to make sure your new business doesn’t fall flat. Our new guide “How to create a successful startup in 5 steps” walks you through the process. It’s well worth a read if you want practical tips on turning your initial idea into a successful business concept. We hope you find it useful!