Spotlight on farmer connect®: data for transparent and fair supply chains

Michael Chrisment is the CEO of the Swiss startup farmer connect®. Using IBM’s blockchain technology, the agritech company ensures greater sustainability and transparency in the food industry’s production and supply chains.

farmer connect® is one of the two winners of “Spotlight on”.
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What does farmer connect® do?

farmer connect® is a global, cutting-edge supply chain technology provider that promotes fair and transparent agriculture. It enables a sustainable, inclusive, and efficient food supply chain from farmers to consumers. The agritech startup builds on blockchain technology powered by IBM allowing for safe and private business data storage and sharing as well as transparent data exchange.

From producers to consumers: bringing a positive impact to the entire supply chain

Our vision is to “humanize consumption through technology”. We want to ensure that the goods we consume today will still be here in a sustainable future.

We want to bring a positive impact to the entire supply chain, from producers through organizations to consumers. As an agritech company, we build our enterprise solution on a blockchain technology powered by IBM allowing safe and private business data storage and sharing, and promoting fair and transparent agriculture.

The farmer connect® ecosystem spans the entire value chain, from the farmer to the consumer.
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Was makes farmer connect® unique?

We are a team of industry experts and coffee lovers who want to support the transformation of the food supply chain, from the producer to the consumer, by providing appropriate cutting-edge technology solutions. We make sure every step is fair and transparent.

We think technology should bring people together, make the world smaller, empower the individuals and small businesses while reducing costs and inefficiencies for enterprises.

Michael Chrisment, CEO, farmer connect®

We have therefore constructed an ecosystem that provides value to all actors of the supply chain. It is built around three main products: farmer ID, farmer connect® platform, and the Thank My FarmerTM app.

Having a long-lasting impact

We want to have a long-lasting sustainable impact. Our ambition is to bring more transparency and trust to the whole community of the supply chain.

  • Positive impact: We work because we want to bring a positive impact to the entire supply chain, from producers through organizations to consumers.
  • Creative & innovative: We are an innovative, smart-tech-driven, and agile company.
  • Change partner: Our aim is to enable any organization within the supply chain to be part of the sustainable production and consumption evolution.

What does the success strategy of farmer connect® look like?

We aim to become the market leader in sustainable consumption enablement. Today, we have a platform that already provides value to all actors of the supply chain. We are confident that with all the data we collect over the years, we will be able to use this knowledge for business intelligence and fundamentally transform agricultural communities by significantly increasing standards of living.

What challenge is farmer connect® facing at the moment?

Our biggest challenge at the moment is educating the industry, talking to people, and helping them understand what we do and why they should join our ecosystem. On a more technical side, we are currently working with the Sovrin Foundation to incorporate self-sovereign identity, a new form of digital identity built on distributed ledger technology. This closes the loop on a circular economy that will enhance smallholder livelihoods while delivering transparency and a better experience for the consumer.

Tons of coffee beans, terabytes of data, thousands of applications
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Supporting producers and farmers: that is the goal of farmer connect®

We clearly want to bring more transparency and trust in the food supply chain from the producer through the organization to the customers for fair and sustainable agriculture. We want to transform how a commodity goes from origins to consumers, and ensure that there is transparency and created shared value for producers and farmers at the origin of the supply chain.

  • Company name: farmer connect®
  • Interview partner: Michael Chrisment, CEO
  • Founding date: January 2019
  • Company headquarters: Switzerland
  • Team members: 10
  • Website: