Spotlight on Stathletes: data & analytics for professional sports

Meghan Chayka is co-founder and CEO of Canadian sports data and analytics company Stathletes. Her customers are professional ice hockey teams that want to use data to optimize their performance, leave behind the competition, and wow fans.

Stathletes is one of the two winners of “Spotlight on”.
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What does Stathletes do?

“Stathletes is a sports analytics company, focusing on data and analytics in hockey. We provide industry-leading data and analytic product subscriptions in North America and Europe that our clients use to gain insights into their performance, gain a competitive advantage, and engage fans. With custom software tools, every aspect of the game is tracked and recorded in detail. Stathletes has the most robust and accurate data in hockey in over 22 leagues worldwide.

The clients of our data are primarily leagues, teams, players, agents, trainers, media and digital outlets. Stathletes provides the most detailed and accurate data & analytics in hockey. We solve the problem of scale and provide software tools to work efficiently in sports.”

In this video from the City of St. Catharines (official page), Meghan Chayka presents Stathletes, the idea behind the company, and what drives it:

What was the situation that led to the decision to start the company?

Chayka was already ahead of the game when she co-founded Stathletes in 2010 with her business partner Neil Lane. “We realized there was a gap in the market in sports analytics. The founding group was in graduate school and decided to do business pitch competitions. Our mission is to disrupt the status quo with data in sports, specifically hockey. We want to provide insights that help teams win, leagues grow, and our clients understand the game in deeper ways.”

Ice hockey teams make forward-looking decisions based on data supplied by Stathletes.
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What makes Stathletes unique?

“We are passionate about sports, technology, and building a long-term company. I think we have a unique blend of people building our company. We value innovation, teamwork, and integrity. Our success strategy is to focus on the key value propositions and build tools to help our clients address their needs and work to the future.”

What challenge is Stathletes facing at the moment?

“We want to provide insights that help teams win, leagues grow, and our clients understand the game in deeper ways. We are currently building different tools to access our data sets in the most efficient and informative way.” In this respect, Stathletes is clearly on a global expansion course. The data analysts already track sport performance in 22 nations, and more and more professional teams around the world are opting for the services offered by Stathletes.

Stathletes will change the way professional sports teams scout internationally.

Meghan Chayka, co-founder/CEO of Stathletes.

For Stathletes, data & analytics are the key to ensuring maximum performance in sports.
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What is driving Stathletes aside from professional sports?

“With Covid-19, we are unable to watch sports live. Stathletes will give scouts tools to compete and even overcome any issues without live scouts.”

  • Company name: Stathletes
  • Interview partner: Meghan Chayka
  • Founding date: December 2010
  • Company headquarters: Toronto, Niagara (Canada)
  • Team members: Managing directors Meghan Chayka, Neil Lane, and Brad Nauta along with over 50 employees
  • Website: