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From Start-up Village to Global Success
Last year, just a few days old, they hit the Start-up Village at DMEXCO. A year on, they’re consolidating the European market. Here’s Spaceboost’s success story.
Andreas Lenz on programmatic, advertising in podcasts and political conditions
The CEO of t3n on programmatic from a publisher’s perspective. (German only)
Using your own data at the Dynamic Desk
L’Oréal is pursuing a resolute path in marketing through consumer targeting, crafting a precision appeal to consumers that uses relevant information based on close observation of the data
Brand safety: Don’t play with those grubby kids
Advertising environments can harm brands. How to prevent critical questions from customers and supervisors.
Investment trends 2019: Follow the money
E-commerce and advertising remain exciting businesses for investors, while financial and legal technology are gaining in importance – the lucrative investment trends for the digital industry.
Brand safety is still too often underestimated
Programmatic advertising control often pushes ads into inappropriate environments. Is the brand image at risk?
More than just bitcoin: 3 ideas for blockchain
The principles on which blockchain is based have the potential to incur great change.
Programmatic media planning and audio in the media mix
Thomas Koch, founder at tk: one, in an interview with Alex Wunschel. (German only)
Radio stations are perfect for programmatic advertising
Lukas Fassbender, General Manager DACH at TheTradeDesk, talks with host Alex Wunschel. (German only)
How companies benefit from programmatic
Advertising spaces are becoming increasingly programmatic. As a result, the power structure between companies, agencies and marketers is shifting.