Media planning guide: 7 clever software tools

Software tools are a must when planning your media. We explore what media planning tool could be ideal for you!

Media planning: software can help you implement efficient workflows.
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Media planning: a range of challenges and opportunities

Against the backdrop of the multilayered media landscape of today, countless media channels, platforms, and advertising formats are having to be taken into account when running advertising campaigns. Developing an effective media strategy can be challenging for media planners. After all, they don’t want to squander the valuable advertising budget allocated to them. One way for them to gain a significant competitive advantage is to rethink their media plan in 2023.

However, there are numerous processes to be considered and implemented as part of online media planning in the field of marketing:

Challenge 1: tapping into target groups

Target groups are fragmented and use various media channels and platforms. Reaching and engaging the right target groups can be difficult, especially if they’re spread across different channels.

Challenge 2: technological changes

Media plans have to be adapted on an ongoing basis to keep up with continuous advancements in technology and advertising options. New platforms, tools, and tracking methods should always be on the radar and utilized to achieve the best results.

Challenge 3: data availability and quality

To create a promising online media plan, advertisers need access to reliable and accurate data on target groups, reach, competitors’ activities, and market trends. Obtaining user data is proving more difficult in the current first-party cookie era, now that the countdown is on for the end of third-party cookies.

Challenge 4: media monitoring

Measuring the effectiveness of media campaigns, accurately attributing conversions and results to individual channels, determining the impact of advertising on the purchasing process, and linking online and offline activities across media are often complex processes.

Challenge 5: budget constraints

A company’s entire media plan is obviously controlled by the available marketing budget. Advertisers have to ensure that the allocated funds are distributed effectively across the various media channels and campaigns in order to achieve the best possible return on investment (ROI).

Strategic media planning: seven software highlights for your marketing

Whether automated cross-media marketing, AI-controlled data analytics, or budget monitoring, the right software can make media planning both easier and more reliable – for small teams and big players alike.

Our free guide “The best tools for your media planning” gives you an overview of seven useful media planning tools for boosting your advertising strategy.