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How what3words wants to revolutionize the location search
The start-up has clustered the world into 3x3 meters. CMO Giles Rhys Jones explains how this will benefit companies.
The speaker highlights at DMEXCO 2018
A cornucopia of top speakers awaits visitors at DMEXCO 2018. On 18 stages, Minister of State Dorothee Bär, Moran Cerf (Kellogg School of Management), Alex Tze-Pin Cheng (Baidu), Philipp Schindler (Google), Telekom CEO Timotheus Höttges, Rus Yusupov (HQ Trivia), former Formula 1 world champion and investor Nico Rosberg, cyborg activist Moon Ribas, Pieter Haas (MediaSaturn), Nikki Mendonca (Accenture Interactive) and Debora Koyama (Mondelez), among others, will be delivering a wealth of inspiration and things to talk about. The full DMEXCO program with more than 550 speakers will be available from August 15 at This year, Louise Houghton will be presenting on the Congress Stage for the first time.
How Deutsche Bank benefits from new technologies
CMO Tim Alexander explains how marketing is evolving into a strategic corporate function.
How YouTube videos become successful
The platform is both a search engine and a community. A look at the most important success factors.
Content distribution: seven ways to reach more readers
Even excellent content is not automatically successful. Several components are required for this.
Christof Baron: “Blockchain has a speed problem”
Blockchain is one of the big buzzwords of 2018. DMEXCO asked media expert Christof Baron how this technology will influence the media business.
How companies benefit from programmatic
Advertising spaces are becoming increasingly programmatic. As a result, the power structure between companies, agencies and marketers is shifting.
Conversational commerce: when machines sell
Messengers and chatbots are taking on the roles of salespeople. This has both advantages and disadvantages.
We want your stuff!
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Pinterest: digital window shopping is gaining ground
The visual network is beaming with new features and increasing figures. Here are the most important facts and tips.