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Increased efficiency in digital marketing: AI instead of an agency?
They don't eat and never go to the toilet: how Hella and Cosabella have restructured their marketing. An interim report.
AI: experts call for testing and federal digital agency
The risks are not yet known and legal regulation of algorithmic procedures is still in its infancy
AI Ethics III: What are the control requirements?
When machines make more and more decisions for people, the question "Who controls it?" arises.
AI Ethics II: Why we need quality control
Artificial intelligence doesn't make mistakes, but that can be a big problem.
AI Ethics I: What do we want to use AI for?
Artificial intelligence can help solve many problems, but it can also create new ones if we are not careful.
How product marketing delivers new product ideas
The pressure to innovate is growing. How dialog with customers helps to generate new product ideas and features.
Free e-book download: Topic focus Artificial Intelligence (AI)
16 articles on Media, Technology, Business, Future and Marketing for free download
Quantum computers: the hardware for AI
Constantly increasing requirements necessitate new hardware systems. The age of quantum computers is dawning.
The customer journey in B2B in the present and future
Digitalization makes B2B companies more visible and helps them get to know their customers' decision-making processes
What’s the next step with chatbots?
While the great optimism surrounding the digital helpers has evaporated, their future is still exciting.