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DMEXCO marketing precap part 2: SEO trends of 2021
More intelligent algorithms, greater emphasis on content quality, and improved user experience: these are all topics that will shake up search engine optimization in 2021 as suggestions become ranking factors and thus specific requirements.
5 hours ago
Stan Pavlovsky, Shutterstock: The strategy behind the acquisition of Amper Music
Shutterstock has acquired the AI-driven music platform Amper Music. Stan Pavlovsky, CEO of Shutterstock, explains the role audio will play in his business model in the future.
Spotlight on Stathletes: data & analytics for professional sports
Meghan Chayka is co-founder and CEO of Canadian sports data and analytics company Stathletes. Her customers are professional ice hockey teams that want to use data to optimize their performance, leave behind the competition, and wow fans.
Spotlight on farmer connect®: data for transparent and fair supply chains
Michael Chrisment is the CEO of the Swiss startup farmer connect®. Using IBM’s blockchain technology, the agritech company ensures greater sustainability and transparency in the food industry’s production and supply chains.
How to find the right SaaS pricing model for your software
Choosing the right SaaS pricing model for your software is essential for marketing your software product. We present the 5 most popular pricing models along with their strengths and weaknesses and explain what you should keep in mind.
DMEXCO 2021 marketing precap part 1: PR trends of 2021
A growing number of channels, shorter attention spans, less time, more tasks. There have certainly been less stressful times for PR officers and journalists. The coronavirus has merely accelerated many trends that will keep us busy in 2021.
Emotion AI – the artificial emotional intelligence
Robots with emotions can master complex tasks better. Researchers are convinced of this. But how do machines learn to read emotions, and what opportunities does emotion AI open up in the business world?
Digital female leadership: how much progress have we made?
How far has female leadership come? Are digital transformation and the coronavirus alone resolving the lack of women in leadership roles? We interviewed Sigrid Dalberg-Krajewski and Tatjana Biallas, both successful female digital leaders.
How the IoT is challenging data protection
Companies have to utilize the pioneering technologies of the Internet of Things to stay competitive. However, that can quickly become extremely tricky in terms of data protection!
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