The Kano model: how to wow your customers
The Kano model enables you to identify the product and service attributes that make your customers’ hearts beat for joy. Read on to find out what it’s all about and how you can ramp up the wow factors in your business.
DMEXCO marketing precap part 6: Social media marketing trends for 2021
The social media marketing trends for 2021 have been shaped by changing user behavior, new developments in technology, an expanded user base and – last but not least – the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. These are the trends to be aware of!
TikTok advertising: Overblown hype or marketing must-have?
Social media platform TikTok may be on the rise, but so far, only a few companies have used it to advertise their brand – so is its potential being wasted? Read on to learn how to make the TikTok trend work for you.
Online targeting: Why publishers need to gear up for the post-cookie era now
As we edge towards the end of the cookie era, publishers cannot afford to delay taking a (pro)active approach to the significant challenges that lie ahead. This calls for strategies that will not simply allow personalized advertising in the future, but actually improve it.
Instagram for B2B companies: practical tips for a successful presence
Nowadays, it’s not just platforms like LinkedIn and Xing that are essential for B2B communication. More and more companies are also using Instagram as a B2B marketing channel. Read here how Instagram can help you step up your B2B business.
DMEXCO marketing precap part 5: performance marketing trends of 2021
In part 5 of our 2021 marketing precap, Klickwunder’s Michel Ramanarivo ventures an outlook on the 6 performance marketing trends that will shape digital advertising in 2021. Technology, addressing, and format will be what it’s all about!
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