Online fraud running into the billions: 10 tips to avoid ad fraud
100 million dollars every day! That is the level that experts at Juniper Research expect losses caused by online advertising fraud to reach by 2023. We reveal the best ways to protect yourself against ad fraud.
5 tips to be successful in mobile commerce
Mobile shopping on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices is also becoming increasingly popular among your target group. If you want to give your brand a boost, here are 5 tips to be successful in mobile commerce.
Instagram marketing: 5 tips on how brands can use it to attract more attention
Niklas Hartmann, Managing Director at ReachOn GmbH, explains how brands can use Instagram to expand their reach. The social media expert demonstrates how effective a combination of hashtags, collaborations and articles can be.
Media buying: class over mass!
Google’s third-party cookie plans and the latest data protection regulations are changing the rules of the game for advertisers. As a result, marketers are starting to redefine their priorities when it comes to media buying.
The future for agencies: Are full-service agencies on the way out?
When companies are looking to commission agencies, one-stop shops are increasingly being overlooked, as the rapid digital transformation means customized agency models are in demand. Are the days of full-service agencies numbered?
Embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion: VICE Media’s Daisy Auger-Dominguez
How far have companies and society come in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion? Daisy Auger-Dominguez, Chief People Officer at VICE Media Group (VMG), explains how we can champion the movement.
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