Connected TV: understanding its uniqueness and maximizing its potential
Connected TV is trending in the media landscape. We explore what that means for advertisers. Tim Nieland from Ad Alliance and Christian Russ from Samsung Ads also look ahead to the future of advertising in the CTV era.
TV streaming in 2022: These trends are revealed in the Zattoo report
The Zattoo TV Streaming Report 2022 reports on television habits, now and in the future. Read our story to find out what marketers need to know about their target group these days.
Greater control of digital campaigns in connected TV
Connected TV (CTV) is a fast-growing market in many parts of the world, piquing the interest of marketers and placing greater technical requirements on platforms serving the new advertising market, such as Google.
DMEXCO podcast | Connected TV with Ilhan Zengin from ShowHeroes
In our latest podcast episode, we talk about a small revolution that’s taking place right now, almost without us realizing it. The paradigm shift is happening on laptops, tablets, smart TVs, and smartphones – a move away from linear TV to Internet-based services, in other words connected TV.
NFT streaming: the next level of digital art appreciation
Admiring NFT art has not been that easy for fans of digital one-of-a-kind items – until now, because there’s finally a practical solution. The new StreamNFT service lets you stream NFTs from the comfort of your TV!
Goldbach Advanced TV study: connected TV advertising works
Marketers, take note! The 5th Goldbach Advanced TV study has been published and reveals that online euphoria remains high among TV viewers. The study also shows that advertising in the connected TV environment works.
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