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Christine Maguire from Tripadvisor on leadership, COVID-19 and the travel industry
The travel industry has been hit hard by COVID-19. But what can be done in the current situation? Christine Maguire from Tripadvisor talks about insights from the company’s new whitepaper and how the pandemic is changing the concept of leadership.
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3 hours ago
Checklist: 99 criteria to help you optimize your checkout
Offering the optimal user experience along all of the touchpoints of the customer journey should be the goal of every successful e-commerce business. Our checklist shows you how you can optimize your checkout process.
Networked production: CDOs needed as digital strategists and networkers
Embarking on the journey toward networked production enables companies to make their production processes much more efficient and flexible. When merging machines, systems, and humans together, CDOs have an important part to play.
Augmented reality in retail: growing customer interest due to corona
AR applications in shopping offer companies enormous potential that so far has hardly been tapped. However, the coronavirus crisis could accelerate the trend, with customer interest in augmented reality rapidly climbing in retail.
Why social media should be incorporated into your business development
Social media is becoming increasingly important. Direct communication with existing and prospective customers along with lots of other plus points make it a success factor for business development. Find out more in this article.
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Guide: Planning your social media budget wisely
For a while now, being active and engaging with customers on social media has been an absolute must for companies, regardless of their size. Implementing a social media strategy is resource-intensive. But how can you plan your social media budget wisely?
That’s why the Internet of Things needs artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence can revolutionize the Internet of Things. Both technologies have already been well-known phenomena of the digital age for years, but they can only reach their full potential when combined.
Retailtainment – the future of e-commerce?
The coronavirus pandemic is giving a massive boost to e-commerce right now. At the same time, customer behavior is changing in that it is being increasingly driven by experiences, both offline and online. As a result, stimulating retailtainment is becoming more and more relevant.
Efficient processes and reduced costs using digital twins
Is everything running smoothly or would it be worth optimizing something? Product managers and process owners ask themselves these and similar questions on a daily basis. A digital twin can provide the right answers. This story reveals how it works.
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