Which women’s network is the right one for you?
Women's networks are on the rise, as more and more businesswomen and female founders are choosing to connect with each other. But which women's network is the right one for you? Read our free guide to find out more.
Augmented reality: the better reality thanks to clever apps
Most people are familiar with the concept of virtual reality. However, very few know much about augmented reality – or AR for short – which is driven by a principle that seems to be quickly outrunning VR.
What can women’s networks offer today?
Business women’s networks are booming, with everyone talking about them – as evidenced by hashtags like #femalepower and #femalebusiness on social media. We asked four successful women about the advantages of women’s networks.
Guide: Essential coding skills for marketers
Technical processes and coding are increasingly becoming part of our everyday digital world, so it's high time for you to learn a few coding skills. Our checklist tells you how and explains which ones will benefit marketers in particular.
Target group analysis: How to avoid target group conflicts on your website
Can you reach several target groups with just one website? We give tips on target group analysis, and we talk to Jasmin Fayad and Alexander Ginter from ui/deation and Paul Zentner from schoene neue kinder GmbH about target group conflicts.
Commerce media – the key to success for digital advertising
Commerce media promises to take digital advertising to a whole new level, but what does the term actually mean? We asked Corinna Hohenleitner from Criteo. Read on to find out her views on the potential offered by commerce media.
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