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Ongoing digitalization is giving rise to lots of new technologies that have the potential to drastically transform the world. Blockchain is one of those technologies. Its invention has made it possible to anonymously send other users money onli...
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The climate is overheating – time for green data centers!
Data centers are the world’s fastest-growing energy consumers. Are the digital economy and climate goals compatible? Stefan Mink from IONOS should know. We ask him: How much progress have we made in developing green data centers?
Spotlight on farmer connect®: data for transparent and fair supply chains
Michael Chrisment is the CEO of the Swiss startup farmer connect®. Using IBM’s blockchain technology, the agritech company ensures greater sustainability and transparency in the food industry’s production and supply chains.
Tina Beuchler on the current state of play in digital marketing
Alex Wunschel talks with Tina Beuchler about the main issues in the media industry at this time.
Business models for publishers
Katja Nettesheim talks with Rajeev Goel about programmatic and blockchain as a business model.
Is it all just bullshit bingo? The most overestimated trends in 2019
Blockchain here, AI there—at the end of the year, marketers are overwhelmed with forecasts of the trends that will be important in 2019.
More than just bitcoin: 3 ideas for blockchain
The principles on which blockchain is based have the potential to incur great change.
Blockchain: smart and justified
Attorney Yvonne Schäfer sees great potential in many industries
Advertisers’ dependency on technology providers
Christof Baron, Global Head of Media at Sanofi, in an interview with Katja Nettesheim. (German only)
How blockchain technology is bringing brands and users closer together
Alex Tapscott, author of “The Blockchain Revolution,” talks with Katja Nettesheim. (German only)
Ad fraud: Can AI and blockchain help?
Programmatic advertising solves known problems, but at the same time is not without its own problems.