Web3 marketing? What marketers need to know!

Metaverse and Web3 are just around the corner – and will fundamentally change digital marketing as we have known it. What should marketers consider in their Web3 strategy and what opportunities does Web3 offer?

Already consider Web3 marketing strategy.
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From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 – perhaps more quickly than we thought

For many, Web3 is still a far-off notion. A vision that may become reality in a couple of years. In fact, with the metaverse, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, Web3 is very much in its infancy. If you want to be a Web3 marketing pioneer at the start of the Internet’s future and benefit from the hype of the hour, you should familiarize yourself now with the fundamental terms and functions of Web3.

Web3: Focus on the interaction between human and machine

Ideas are already popping up about the technological possibilities that Web3 will bring. Platforms like catalog.works, for example, offer musicians the option of auctioning songs or entire albums exclusively as NFTs. Payment is made in cryptocurrency, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the creators. It’s not just the sale that’s worthwhile for musicians, but also the implicit marketing that such an NFT auction of unique digital items entails.

Artists can reposition themselves in Web3 and brands and companies should also plan their Web3 marketing presence wisely.

How Web3 will influence digital marketing

One of the most important aspects of Web3 is its decentralized nature, which allows users to comprehensively manage their own data and content. This data security, coupled with revolutionary blockchain technology, should make Web3 a safer place for users. For marketers, however, collecting data is part of identifying their target audience and their needs. With the increased personalization of data and the approaching end of third-party cookies, marketers need to come up with new strategies for data collection. To reach target groups on Web3, the new marketing should be more personalized and more targeted than before.

The user experience will also change dramatically, challenging digital marketing to respond to the new demands of consumers with technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and blockchain.

Web3 marketing: How to prepare your strategy

Web3 is coming and has a number of challenges in store for us, as well as opportunities for marketers who are already getting to grips with it. Here are some methods for getting your marketing strategy ready for Web3.

#1 Follow the latest trends related to Web3

Web3 is currently one of the hottest topics in the industry and experts already know which trends will prevail in the decentralized Internet in the future. We are also incredibly excited about what Web3 will change, and this time we’ve dedicated an exclusive area at DMEXCO to the topic of Web3, called w3.vision, and invited leading personalities from the industry.

#2 Get to grips with Web3 technologies

In particular, blockchain technology and its ability to conduct secure and transparent transactions online will play a prominent role in Web3. If you are not yet familiar with blockchain, you should definitely read our detailed guide on blockchain and marketing. NFTs can also be used to forge new, successful marketing paths in the metaverse, as Adidas recently demonstrated impressively with its virtual sneaker collection.

#3 Use customer data insights skillfully

Data will continue to play a significant role on Web3 – even though it may become more private. To make effective marketing decisions, familiarize yourself extensively with buyer data and how you can use it skillfully for your future marketing.

#4 Create content marketing with added value

Content is king – especially on Web3. Instead of good keywords, the Internet of the future will rely on targeted content with detailed, value-added insights that fully satisfy the user’s search intent.

#5 Optimize user experience

To survive in the metaverse, websites, platforms, and online shops must be interactive, user-friendly, and three-dimensional. It’s therefore all the more important to optimize your online presence now in terms of the user experience requirements of Web3.

Web3 marketing: Many challenges, even more possibilities

Logically, a new kind of Internet brings with it a new kind of marketing. The decentralization and privatization of data is a real challenge for marketers, but it does offer even more opportunities for those involved in Web3 marketing to position their brand strongly on the Internet of the future.

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