Guide: what you need to know about blockchain in marketing

Our new free guide explores what blockchain has to do with marketing and how marketers can implement it in practice. We also provide an outlook with regard to the technology’s potential.

Blockchain in marketing: a sales stall with bead necklaces that symbolize lots of different blockchain networks
Image: © denisismagilov / Adobe Stock

Using blockchain in marketing

If there were a final boss of tricky marketing terms, it would have to be blockchain. Many marketers don’t even begin to try to get their head around it, although the principle really isn’t that complicated. Read our guide for a straightforward explanation as well as an overview of the potential the technology holds for marketing – all for free!

Blockchain is more than a buzzword

Many digital experts are convinced that blockchain technology will significantly shape our future society. There is much more behind the principle than just a fleeting crypto hype. It’s true that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are where blockchain started, but the technology is so innovative that it is now relevant in numerous other application areas, or most likely will be in the future. Blockchain actually offers innovative solutions in a vast array of fields and could even be capable of completely shaking up our society. Whether ads, data protection, or social media – blockchain is definitely a future-oriented concept for the marketing industry.

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Get our guide now to learn when, why, and how blockchain can support marketers. The detailed guide walks you through how blockchain works and how it can be applied in marketing. As always, the download is free for our community. So, what are you waiting for?