NFT streaming: the next level of digital art appreciation

Admiring NFT art has not been that easy for fans of digital one-of-a-kind items – until now, because there’s finally a practical solution. The new StreamNFT service lets you stream NFTs from the comfort of your TV!

NFT streaming – a new generation of digital art appreciation
Image: © gesrey / AdobeStock

Bringing digital art to the small screen with NFT streaming

When art and digitalization come together, things get interesting. There’s no better recent example than NFT technology. The modern, blockchain-based cryptographic method makes it possible to create digital one-of-a-kind items – files of which there is certifiably only one in existence. That’s an excellent opportunity for creators to make their digital art unique and increase the value of their pieces.

Many digital artists are jumping on the NFT trend, with various online marketplaces selling items at prices reaching six- to seven-figure dollar sums in some cases.

Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, and Rarible are among such marketplaces and online auction platforms. In addition, there are special catalogs where NFT enthusiasts can explore interesting works. Take NFT Lab as an example – the world’s first search engine for crypto art. More than half a million one-of-a-kind NFTs can be discovered in its index.

A new take on NFT streaming

However, despite the trend and growing selection of items, NFT art has a problem. It’s not really practical or appealing to look at the pieces on a computer – especially if you want to show off your NFT collection to guests. Crowding around a PC isn’t the comfiest. But that’s now set to change: following the launch of its search engine, the NFT Labs startup recently introduced an innovative app – a must-have for all NFT enthusiasts and fans of sophisticated couch culture.

StreamNFT: NFT streaming on a whole new level

StreamNFT is the world’s first TV app for NFT streaming. An unprecedented tool, the app enables people to enjoy their personal NFT art collection with others from the comfort of their TV at home. But the app is capable of even more: boasting a web catalog of over 550,000 unique NFT pieces, it gives users access to the world’s biggest database of NFT art. There’s a handy search feature incorporating the NFT Lab index. What’s more, interesting works can be “pinned”, making them easier to find again later. Not only can detailed information added by the artists be displayed for each piece, but the app also shows how much the pieces last sold for.

This is how you stream NFTs on your TV

The app is available in the Roku channel store. To use the app and display your NFT collection on your TV, you’ll also need an NFT Lab account and a Roku-compatible smart TV or Roku streaming player.