LoyJoy on “joyvertising”, conversational software, and its presence at DMEXCO @home

LoyJoy boss Ulf Loetschert is a marketer and tech pioneer with a clear mission: to transform bland customer processes into captivating dialogues. His LoyJoy conversational software enables brands to directly interact with their audience and improve the customer experience using true-to-life chatbots. In this interview, you’ll learn more about “joyvertising” and what LoyJoy has planned for DMEXCO @home 2021.

LoyJoy präsentiert sich im September auf der DMEXCO @home 2021.

You call it “joyvertising”. Please briefly describe what solutions you offer and who they are for.

We turn customer journeys characterized by media disruptions and boring forms into a seamless conversation. Chat becomes the central experience. As a conversational cloud, LoyJoy is designed for brands that want to improve their direct customer relationships. Through gamification, we bring “joy” to the conversation in order to boost conversions. Instead of a one-sided inundation of ads, that creates a mutual, interactive dialogue – in a word: joyvertising.

“Setting new priorities” is the motto of DMEXCO @home 2021. What does that mean for you?

For us, the new priority is to view the customer experience as a key differentiator and act accordingly. Every company has an online presence nowadays. The quickest, most convenient, and most entertaining customer experience will come out on top. And given that conversation is the natural form of human interaction, dialogue works particularly well.

What solutions, products, or business idea will you be presenting at DMEXCO @home 2021, and which of the features (masterclasses, roundtables, lectures, etc.) will you be using?

The LoyJoy Conversational Cloud is already being used extensively as a dialogue-driven customer interface by a number of companies, including NIVEA, Volksbank, Deutsche Telekom, and Melitta.

We have some exciting news to reveal and will be showcasing our new Shopify integration feature that lets users check out directly in the chat. Other shop APIs are in the works.

New features have also been added to our popular conversational Advent calendar – so customers already thinking about Christmas can take their brand to the next level with LoyJoy. And of course, we’ll be holding yet another dialogue competition at our booth. Unicorn fans should definitely drop by! We also have a masterclass planned, but we’re still working out the finer details for that – stay tuned!

What can we look forward to most from you at DMEXCO @home 2021?

We’ll be giving everyone who visits us a personal, branded demo on the house, where they will receive a link and QR code for a live experience of what a conversational agent feels like from a customer’s perspective. That will also let them give their colleagues a better impression of it.

What are you expecting from DMEXCO @home 2021? What do you think the advantages of this virtual format are for you as compared to an in-person event?

Making new contacts and strengthening existing ones is always paramount. DMEXCO is all about dialogue, too, and that makes us feel at home. As a result of the virtual format, we expect to see more international and spontaneous guests again this year.