What does digital creativity mean for marketers?

DMEXCO 2023, the Digital Marketing Expo & Conference, will be getting to the bottom of this question as part of its motto “Empowering Digital Creativity”.

The motto of DMEXCO 2023 is “Empowering Digital Creativity”.
Image: © DMEXCO

“Empowering Digital Creativity” – the key to modern marketing at DMEXCO 2023

2023 marks the year in which artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionized the future in terms of how marketers create and share content. Let’s take stock: in the space of just a few weeks, more than a billion people were experiencing content that had been generated purely by AI – from gripping stories and impressive pictures to movies and physical products. The dominant role of AI in day-to-day life, particularly driven by the release of ChatGPT, was a surprise to everyone – including us. It is still fascinating how our astonishment at the capabilities of AI caused us to reflect on the value of human creativity and emotionality.

While programs used to revolve around data analysis, we’re now on the cusp of real digital creativity. So, what does that mean for marketing? You’ll find the answer at DMEXCO 2023, taking place in Cologne on September 20 and 21.

Why was “Empowering Digital Creativity” chosen as the motto?

For years now, the digital industry’s most notable developments have been at the interface between data analysis and creativity. Improved software and ever-increasing volumes of data will significantly shape the creative process in the future. The term “digital creativity” describes this phenomenon. The addition of “empowering” makes it clear that DMEXCO 2023 isn’t about passively observing, but rather identifying new creative opportunities, leveraging them, and thus actively shaping one’s own creativity.

Data in digital marketing – consistent basis for strategic decisions

For marketers, data is an indispensable tool for developing effective strategies. But now, the playing field is vastly expanding due to the emergence of AI-controlled creative models. How can AI improve our brand communication? Who owns the content that AI creates? Where do we position human creativity among these AI innovations? And what does that all mean in terms of the industry’s ethical and regulatory challenges? One thing’s for sure: AI-driven creativity will redefine the future of marketing.

Against this backdrop, DMEXCO 2023 is inviting the marketing world and creative industry to Cologne to experience and discuss this shift. Oliver Frese, COO of Koelnmesse, emphasizes: “The merging of data from different sources, the giant leap in the field of artificial intelligence and, parallel to this, the developments in the metaverse, create a synergy that opens up enormous creative potential for brands and businesses. At this year’s DMEXCO, we will look ahead and, together with the experts, discuss what the digital marketing of tomorrow could look like.”

“Empowering Digital Creativity” at DMEXCO 2023

Our diverse program will also be serving up plenty of other megatrends:

  • The Web3 conference w3.vision will be delivering intriguing insights into the status quo of crypto and Web3 in society. It will also explore the revolutionary idea of immersive retail, the associated virtual transactions, and innovative customer experiences.
  • Taking place for the very first time and exclusive to DMEXCO 2023, the event “Digital Fashion – The Phygital Network” will revolve around innovative digitalization and sustainability in the fashion industry. Our digital fashion whitepaper takes you on a deep dive into the ins and outs of the fashion industry’s digital transformation, its revolutionary force, and its potential for paving the way for a sustainable future.
  • At the DMEXCO Expo, you’ll find top-class exhibitors and learn about the latest trends and technologies for boosting your business.
  • And last but not least, our conference will bring you over 200 hours of content delivered by more than 770 speakers across 14 stages. We’ve put together some highlights for you.

“Empowering Digital Creativity” – make our motto your motto!

“Once again, in 2023, DMEXCO is a place for new beginnings, disruptive approaches, and interaction – a place to discuss and shape the future. This is where the next generation of digital marketing will emerge and the power of digital creativity will be unleashed.”

Let these words from Dr. Dominik Matyka, Chief Advisor of DMEXCO, inspire you to be part of something big when we come together to promote digital creativity and actively shape the future of digital marketing. If you haven’t registered yet, get your ticket here. You’ll then be able to log in and bookmark your favorites from the agenda. We can’t wait to see you!