Digital fashion is the future

The textile industry is a contentious topic, but digital fashion could turn things around. Read all about it here!

The clothing industry is undergoing a digital transformation, with digital fashion offering enormous potential for manufacturers and consumers.
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Innovative digitalization and sustainability in the fashion industry

The textile and clothing industry is not only one of the oldest manufacturing sectors, it’s also one of the biggest and most important. Gerd Müller-Thomkins, CEO of Deutsches Mode-Institut (DMI), knows about the complexity and controversy of this field better than anyone else: “Our growing awareness of wanting to lead a sustainable life is at variance with our continuing demand for fast consumption.” This contradiction between our pursuit of sustainability and our desire for quick consumption is all-pervasive.

Against this backdrop, we’ve taken a closer look at the impact of digitalization on the fashion industry.

Challenges and opportunities presented by one of the world’s biggest industries

The fashion industry is undergoing a radical transformation, where the fusion of technology and sustainability is playing a key role. Digitalization is proving to be a powerful force when it comes to rethinking traditional production methods and building a more sustainable future. Whether virtual design and prototyping, efficient manufacturing, sustainable materials, or transparent supply chain management – the digital revolution offers tools for initiating positive changes.

Our digital fashion whitepaper takes you on a deep dive into the ins and outs of the fashion industry’s digital transformation, its revolutionary force, and its potential for paving the way for a sustainable future. DMI CEO Müller-Thomkins emphasizes “less surplus production, more economical use of resources, less waste” – the textile industry’s digital transformation has the potential to make the entire supply chain more sustainable and revolutionize the way in which we produce, consume, and think about fashion.

Digital fashion at DMEXCO 2023

The insights from Müller-Thomkins and the growing interest in digital solutions for promoting sustainability demonstrate that the future of the fashion industry lies in the hands of technology. Digitalization and sustainability are more than just buzzwords – they’re the key to a better, more responsible, and more forward-looking fashion industry. With that in mind, DMEXCO 2023 will be giving digital fashion a platform in Cologne to highlight the importance of this new trend. Check out the agenda and secure a ticket if you haven’t got yours yet.