Sneak peek at DMEXCO 2023 exhibitors

In just two weeks, DMEXCO 2023 will be taking place in Cologne, where top-class exhibitors will boost your business!

ctrl-qrs_Aussteller DMEXCO

ctrl QS

ctrl QS are experts in rolling out and steering marketing technologies for multinational companies. They focus on what really matters: internal target groups and specific requirements to make sure that all stakeholders achieve success together.

ctrl QS will be located in Hall 8, Booth WA-50.

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piwik_Aussteller DMEXCO

Piwik PRO

The Piwik PRO Analytics Suite offers flexible data collection, consent management, tag management, and a customer data platform. Companies choose Piwik PRO due to its powerful, privacy-compliant analyses and its user-friendly, closely integrated product range. The platform is available in two variants: the free Core version and the paid Enterprise version.

Piwik PRO will be located in Hall 7, Booth A22.

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aleph_Aussteller DMEXCO


The Aleph Group is a dynamic network of global digital experts and technology-driven solutions that enables the growth of the digital ecosystem. Aleph is active in more than 130 primarily emerging countries and helps advertisers engage with consumers on over 45 of the world’s leading digital platforms, such as TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), Snap, Spotify, Uber, Meta, Microsoft, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitch, and Google.

Aleph will be located in Hall 7, Booth E13/F12.

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google_Aussteller DMEXCO


Google is not just the world’s most popular search engine – the global corporation also offers technological solutions, programs, and products to shape the digital future. Drawing on its comprehensive expertise, Google also assists companies, founders, and startups in their digital transformation.

Google will be located in Hall 7, Booth C11/D10/D12.

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groupm_Aussteller DMEXCO


GroupM is the largest media agency network in Germany. In close cooperation with its agencies Mindshare, Wavemaker, and EssenceMediacom, GroupM works every day in the spirit of responsible media to make the communications industry more sustainable, conscious, and effective together with its clients and partners. The network supports advertisers with broad expertise, strategic consulting, technological innovations, and creative services such as tool development and business development.

GroupM will be located in Hall 8, Booth A31.

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microsoft_Aussteller DMEXCO

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising offers scalable technology solutions, spanning search, native, display, video, and retail media, to reach consumers across all aspects of their digital lives. It operates one of the world’s largest global marketplaces and is using its data-driven platforms, audience intelligence, and AI-capabilities to transform the industry.

Microsoft Advertising will be located in Hall 7, Booth A19.

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pimcore_Aussteller DMEXCO


Powered by open-source software, the Pimcore Platform™ is specially designed for managing data and customer experiences. The platform’s products include product information management, master data management, digital asset management, and a customer data platform. Pimcore is available as a paid Enterprise Edition or free Open Source Community Edition.

Pimcore has planned something special for DMEXCO 2023 – it will be installing a big chalet at the expo as part of its “Alpine Fusion” motto.

Pimcore will be located between Halls 6 and 7.

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salesforce_Aussteller DMEXCO


Salesforce is a customer company that helps businesses connect with customers in a whole new way by harnessing reliable contextual data and combining AI, data, and CRM. Salesforce Customer 360 brings together the entire suite of Salesforce products and unites every team on one integrated, low-code platform, putting the customer at the center at all times. Salesforce is guided by core values that include trust, customer success, innovation, equality, and sustainability.

Salesforce will be located in Hall 7, Booth D05.

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shopify_Aussteller DMEXCO


Shopify is a powerful and scalable e-commerce platform that is used by a large number of companies, including B.O.C., Waterdrop, and Butlers – whether in online retail, in-store retail, B2B, or social commerce. The versatile solution offers impressive conversation rates, can be flexibly adapted, and incorporates a vast array of automation features. Shopify is a reliable platform that brings together top services, thereby helping to improve retail for everyone while at the same time creating a better shopping experience for consumers.

Shopify will be located in Hall 6, Booth D24/C25.

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Exhibitors at DMEXCO 2023

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