DMEXCO 2023: Best of Conference

It's almost time again and DMEXCO 2023 welcomes you in Cologne on September 20 & 21. Since anticipation is always a nice feeling, we have gathered a few program highlights for you.*

Conference Highlights @DMEXCO 2023 in Cologne
Image: © DMEXCO

”Imagine the AI-Powered Future of Commerce“ (Shopify)

Join Shopify’s Birk Angermann, Head of Revenue EMEA, to explore the game-changing power of AI in commerce. Experience the powerful potential of AI for your business and discover how AI can accelerate your enterprise growth, enhance operational efficiencies, and drive innovation.

September 21, 12:40 PM−1:00 PM, Center Stage*

”Driving success: How Mclaren Racing used Smartsheet to Achieve Top-Line Growth and Transform Marketing Operations“ (Smartsheet)

In this masterclass we will share how McLaren Racing teamed up with Smartsheet to transform their operations and deliver an exceptional racing experience. With Smartsheet, they streamlined processes, reduced their tech stack, and achieved growth through efficiencies gained.

September 21, 3:00 PM−3:30 PM, MC 6C*

”How brands and publishers can boost their MarTech stack and UTIQ by building an own Identity Graph“ (Teavaro)

Unveil the reality behind digital marketing promises: 360° customer view, real-time personalisation, precise attribution, cookie-free retargeting, and media spend optimisation. Identity is the key! Get ready to boost the value of your existing MarTech stack and benefit from Utiq.

September 20, 3:45 PM−4:15 PM, MC 6C*

”How Commerce Media and Smart Data ensure ’relevant advertising’ in the future“ (United Internet Media)

The email inbox serves as a central hub of digital life. In the inbox, streams of e-commerce orders, social notifications, newsletters, contracts, and personal communication all come together. WEB.DE and GMX use AI to categorize incoming information for users in the Smart Inbox and enrich it with smart services. The advertising materials delivered using first-party data are seamlessly integrated into the customer journey, resulting in impressive interaction rates. Advertising in the inbox is highly relevant – United Internet Media show you how it works.

September 20, 1:30 PM−2:00 PM, MC 8A*

”Yext + SIXT: Strategies to Scale your Brand’s Presence Online“

Since partnering with Yext in 2017, Sixt aimed to increase brand visibility, optimize data utilization, and amplify responsiveness to online reviews. In an exclusive live conversation with Yext’s Kristina Geissler, Senior Director Client Success, and Fabio Maglieri, Director, Enterprise Sales, Thiago Pojda, Director of SEO at SIXT will share insight into how SIXT portrays their businesses accurately online and maintains scalable content for over 1500 locations globally – so they can do more with a lean team and deliver results for their brand worldwide.

September 20, 11:15 AM−11:45 AM, MC 7A*

”From Meta to Spatial Computing: Expanding Marketing Realities“ (KölnBusiness)

Cologne sets standards in tourism marketing and experience design.
We present local top-class projects: TimeRide CEO Jonas Rothe talks about XR’s potential in tourism. Demodern’s Kristian Kerkhoff presents success stories. Dr Dorit Meyer (KölnBusiness) explains funding opportunities.

September 20, 10:00 AM−10:40 AM, / Tech Stage*

”Stop Monologuing: The Future is AI-Driven, Trust-Centric Dialogues“ (Yext)

Join Yext Chief Data Officer, Christian Ward, to discover how AI can reshape customer interactions, shifting from one-sided brand conversations to genuine customer dialogues that respect privacy and empower the customer’s voice. Learn how to blend AI capabilities with your business knowledge to foster meaningful conversations that prioritize customer needs and interests. Say goodbye to brand monologues and embrace the future of AI-powered, customer-focused engagement.

September 20, 4:30 PM−4:50 PM, Center Stage*

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