netzkern boss Daniel Schulten in an interview with DMEXCO

“Connecting the dots” is the philosophy at netzkern, part of Macaw. The agency helps companies along their digital transformation journey. Read on for Daniel Schulten’s exciting look at the concept for the company’s DMEXCO @home presence.

netzkern, part of Macaw, will be exhibiting at DMEXCO @home 2021 in September.
Dr. Daniel Schulten, CEO of netzkern GmbH, part of Macaw

Please describe your company and business model in a few words. What vision or mission drives you? Why are you the right partner for your customers, and what USPs and benefits can you offer them?

Macaw is an international digital provider that supports companies with solutions and services in the field of digital marketing (campaigning, social media, influencer and content marketing) as well as in the areas of experience platforms & e-commerce, data & intelligence, business & cloud applications, and digital workplaces. With more than 25 years of experience, Macaw combines creativity, data, and technology, thereby helping companies design and accelerate their digital transformation along the entire value chain.

What persuaded you to make this year’s DMEXCO @home even better by becoming an exhibitor?

We see DMEXCO as one of the leading hotspots for all key decision-makers in the digital economy – that was definitely the case when it was held in person in Cologne pre-Covid, but it also holds true now in its virtual format. We were previously a sub-exhibitor at DMEXCO and this year we’ll be there as a stand-alone exhibitor and want to use it as a meeting place for our main target group and to engage in interesting discussions.

“Setting new priorities” is the motto of DMEXCO 2021. What does that mean for you? What new priorities and focuses do you want to define for the future?

Our priorities are very much about “connecting the dots”: we support our customers in creating the best environment, skillfully intertwining the user experience, technology and data, and using that interplay as a basis for continuous improvement.

. In recent years, we have grown from an IT service provider into one of Europe’s leading digital service providers and also want to showcase this more prominently in our market in the future. We think that DMEXCO is the ideal platform to do that.

What solutions, products, or business idea will you be presenting at DMEXCO @home, and which of the features (masterclasses, roundtables, lectures, etc.) will you be using?

We’ll be using nearly the entire DMEXCO portfolio, which has totally impressed us. In three lectures, we’ll be covering a wide range of innovative topics, such as MACH architecture and the digital vision for companies. We’ll also be discussing specific problems like managing the content chaos in the digital assets of companies. And our topic areas will also touch upon megatrends, for example conversational design, in other words the design of a voice-controlled dialogue with a brand. We’ll be presenting an exciting project of ours during two masterclasses, and giving a practical, hands-on introduction to personalizing websites in another masterclass – the latter being a topic that has been on the agenda in our industry for a while now, but is actually rarely tackled due to its many challenges.

What supplementary measures (e.g. mailings, advertising, campaigns) have you planned for your DMEXCO 2021 presence?

In traditional style, we’ll be inviting our customers and current contacts to a virtual DMEXCO visit, but we’ll of course also be implementing various social media campaigns.

What are you expecting from DMEXCO @home? What do you think the advantages of this virtual format are as compared to an in-person event?

We have high expectations because we’ve yet to be fully convinced by a virtual format that started out as an in-person format.

. That said, we saw what was set in motion last year and believe that if anyone can transfer the momentum and enthusiasm of a typical in-person format to the virtual world, it’s DMEXCO.

The opportunities of a virtual format are undoubtedly that customers from further afield are more likely to join online than make the trip to Cologne. The challenge is having discussions and interactions that are just as valuable virtually as in person. We’re looking forward to DMEXCO and think it has a lot of potential!

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